Welcome to Embrace the Shadows…for lovers of paranormal romance.

embracetheshadowslogoSay “hello” to Thorn, our gorgeous mascot.  I’m so happy to welcome my fellow paranormal romance authors Dawn McClure and Suzanne Rock to a group blog version of Embrace the Shadows. Not only because I don’t know a thing about graphic design(bows at Dawn’s feet) and not because it’s exciting to collaborate with a fellow Loose Id author(waves at Suzanne). Mainly, I’m excited because the best thing about the Internet is hooking up with people who share a passion for what we love.

At Embrace the Shadows, you’ll find the three of us blogging, but you’ll also find Clash of the Covers every Tuesday, Special guest bloggers every Thursday and interesting interviews on Fridays. You’ll also find that we share a passion for book giveaways that goes hand in hand with our addiction to paranormal romance.

So, come into the shadows with us and enjoy their dark, seductive embrace…and be sure to rub Thorn’s rose for luck whenever you stop by;)

2 Responses to “Welcome to Embrace the Shadows…for lovers of paranormal romance.”
  1. Suzanne Rock says:

    Woot! So excited about this blog – and about Thorn. I’m going to rub his rose…once for a good response to our blog, once so that my cover wins on Tuesday *VBG* and twice more for the 2 manuscripts I have out on submission. I think the waiting is he hardest part! 😉

    Great post Barbara!

  2. elove says:

    Heeeelllloo Thorn!

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