Clash of the Covers, Part I

Welcome to our first installment of “Clash of the Covers!” The rules are simple. Dawn, Barbara, and I have each picked one of our favorite covers and gave a brief argument as to why we think our pick should win this week’s competition. All you have to do is look at the covers and vote for your favorite. The winner will be posted tomorrow. Now, the three of us have a friendly competition going on, so pick wisely! The winner will have gloating rights for a week. 😉

Here are the contestants…


Barbara’s Pick:


Barbara's Pcik


What she says: It’s haunting, evocative, and sensual all at the same time. I love the spooky atmosphere and the way it surrounds her with danger and excitement.


Dawn’s Pick:

Dawn's Pick


What she says:Angela Waters, I bow in your artistic presence. That cover is HAWT. The colors alone draw you right into the paranormal realm, makes you want to read that story beyond the yummy cover, forces you to wonder just what form of creature is that man? Is he a powerful, ancient vampire? A lone, dominant wolf? I can practically feel the power of the moon as it hangs to the side inconspicuously.


Suzanne’s Pick:


Sue's Pick


What she says: I love the use of color here. It’s so simple, yet effective. It creates a haunting image. You wonder what the woman at the bottom is feeling and how she relates to the man in gray above her. Then the wolf…is he a shifter? Is she? Is it a pet?


So tell us what you think – and cast your vote! If you want, list your reasons for your vote in the comments section below.


10 Responses to “Clash of the Covers, Part I”
  1. Phyllis D says:

    Wow! It’s really neck and neck right now. I really liked all three, good choices ladies!

  2. Dawn McClure says:

    My cover pick may be small…but it’s powerful!!

    LOL 🙂

  3. Grace Conley says:

    *Waving to Sue!* All three covers had great use of color and were atmospheric — but I voted for Midnight Cravings because I do NOT NOT NOT like covers with the guy’s head cut off! 😉

  4. LOL! I DO like covers with the guy’s head cut off, especially if his mouth, jaw and cheekbones are that amazing. One of my all time favorite covers evah is the cover for Susan Johnson’s Outlaw. And Dawn’s choice REALLY reminds of that cover. Delish.

    All of these covers are beautiful, though. A hard choice!

  5. I like all three covers 🙂

  6. I knew that manly chest was gonna be impossible to beat! lol One thing I do like about the “head chopped off” trend is that when I’m reading the book every male character doesn’t run around looking like Fabio in my imagination. (Not that there’s anything *wrong* with Fabio, mind you. I just prefer to put the author’s descriptions and my imagination to work. )

  7. Suzanne Rock says:

    huh, who knew? Personally, I like the chopped head trend. I always found that the face never fit the picture I had in my head from the writer’s words. Ah well. Now that I know what people like…I’m on a mission for next week. Look out Dawn! I’m going to knock you out of the top spot! lol.

  8. elove says:

    I like the chopped head too – means the face is MINE! (Not my face (LOL), but the man’s face in my head. Ergh. You know what I mean…)

    It was a very close thing, but I’ve loved the cover for Midnight Cravings ever since I first saw it…

  9. Caffey says:

    That was hard! I love so many covers! I do have that MIDNIGHT CRAVINGS and its a breathtaking cover up front! I love that chest on Bianca’s! But I ended up picking the DEVIL one. I just loved the feel I got from the heroine there and the surroundings! A little bit of a chill went through me and I got that paranormal feel looking at it! So its DEVIL for me!

  10. It’s official:> Phantom Desires is our winner. Thanks to everyone who came to play!

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