Clash of the Covers, Part Deux

Here we are again, another installment of Clash of the covers. Vote for your favorite cover this week and then check back at the end of the day to see if your pick won!

Barbara’s Pick:

barbara's pick

What Barbara says:

Oh my great goodness, what’s not to love with this one? It’s hot, tough and playful in that dark & dangerous way that I love. I’m mostly a sneaker kind of girl, but when I saw this I thought “what I wouldn’t give for a few seconds in her thigh high boots!”


Dawn’s Pick:

DAwn's pick

What Dawn says:

There’s just something about a six pack of abs and the hint of a smile that gets my heart racing. I want to crawl right into this cover and lay him flat-out (if you know what I mean).


Suzanne’s Pick:

sue pick

What Suzanne says:

You would think I chose this because of the eye candy. Not true! Like last week’s pick, I love the use of color here. It really creates a mood. The moon, the water…the whole image is very haunting. I also want to know what that necklace is all about. Oh all right…maybe the eye candy influenced me just a wee bit. 😉


Now it’s your turn. Which one is the best cover?

4 Responses to “Clash of the Covers, Part Deux”
  1. Once again you ladies have given me a run for my money! What gorgeous picks. I do love that hint of a smile on FLAT-OUT SEXY, Dawn. And SEA LORD is mysterious, atmospheric and intriguing, Suzanne.

    Had to vote for HOWLING, of course. There’s just something about a dark & dangerous man down on his knees!

  2. Suzanne Rock says:

    LOL, Barbara. It’s a tough contest this week. Definately. I love the covers! had to vote for mine, of course. But I was tempted to vote for each of yours!

  3. Eris says:

    This is a very tough decision because the subject matter varies so much between books and those covers are perfect for their topics. Also, the style of art is very different for each (almost apples and oranges to personal taste). So, turning the brain off and throwing all of that away to just look at the pictures individually I had to go with Howling. That one primally screamed to me what’s going on I need to know more.

  4. Suzanne Rock says:

    Thanks everyone for votoing! It was really close, but Barbara edged me out at the end for the win. Congrats to Barbara. It really is a beautiful cover! Thanks for voting!

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