Fangtastic Friday – Captive of the Beast



Silhouette Nocturne
ISBN-10: 0373618107
ISBN-13: 978-0373618101
May 1, 2009


As a Knight of White, the demon warrior Rinehart has long struggled to keep the beast within him at bay. But his unyielding attraction to Dr. Laura Johnson—the dangerous woman he has sworn to protect—threatens to rip his soul apart. When Rinehart discovers that she has paranormal abilities of her own, he must choose: will he give in to his animal attraction to her or fulfill his duty to protect humanity from the rising army of evil? Will Laura prove to be his saving grace—or his final undoing?

Read an EXCERPT.

This is not the first book in the Knights of White series.  I was in the store, reading blurbs and trying to find a good paranormal, when I saw this hot cover.  Now that I’ve read it, I need to go back and buy the other books in the series.  Truly captivating.  Here’s what Romantic Times BOOKreviews said about Captive of the Beast…

CAPTIVE OF THE BEAST (4) by Lisa Renee Jones: After Dr. Laura Johnson develops a vaccine to help a group of young people control their special abilities, she’s held captive on the island where she works. The evildoer is a pawn of the Darkland Beasts, evil demons out to control the world. Knights of White William Rinehart and his team are sent to the small island on a rescue mission. Unfortunately, Laura’s evil boss realizes what’s happening, and one of Rinehart’s own team is left behind on the island. Jones’ story is an exciting continuation of the Knights of White series. Her strong writing and solid story will have fans eager for the next installment.
— 4 Stars, Romantic Times BOOKreviews

What’s better than a good parnormal romance?  A FREE paranormal romance.  For a chance to win Captive of the Beast, respond to this post and tell me about your favorite summer activity.  I live in Michigan, and now that the weather is warming up, it’s all I can think about!  🙂

11 Responses to “Fangtastic Friday – Captive of the Beast”
  1. In the summer, I take my boys to the pool every day. We’ve been stocking up on sunscreen for months! I love the sound of kids laughing and splashing. One of my favorite places on earth is a lounge chair after a long swim with a good book in my hands and happy white noise in the background. Sweet!

  2. elove says:

    Love summer – it’s over here is Aus now, but I remember it fondly! Fave activity: eating seafood by the water. Mmmm!

  3. Suzanne Rock says:

    ooh, those are both really good. I like relaxing in the sun with a cool drink and a hot book. lol. Okay, that was cheesy. You know what I mean, though. 😉

  4. ~*Sarina*~ says:

    I actually have to say the beach, however since my son is absolutely scared of the water…. I guess the park would be choice number 2. Not only that but you can have a cook out or a bar-b-que there too while the kids play!

  5. Chandra Ryan says:

    My favorite summer activity is hiking. I love tromping through the woods on a hot day 🙂 I can’t wait to go to Turkey Run!

  6. Cynthya says:

    My favorite summer activity is going to the local orchard to pick fruit–raspberries are a favorite–then coming home and cooking up a pie or maybe making some homemade ice cream.

    I love the cover for Captive of the Beast and I’m a big fan of Lisa Renee Jones.

  7. My favorite summer activity is being at my family’s annual Hawaiian Luau. It’s a great time, we have family members come that we haven’t seen in awhile, and we belly dance and have great tasting drinks! The whole backyard has tiki torches, Hawaiian flowers, everyone wears a lei, the whole experience is just awesome.

    The cover of Captive of the Beast is smokin’!

  8. Robyn Bski says:

    My favorite summer activity recently has been going to my favorite coffee shop with my best friend, ordering an enormous iced tea, and sitting outside in the sidewalk cafe section. We chat and work on whatever writing project we have at the moment. Very relaxing and fun. 🙂

  9. MarthaE says:

    My favorite regular summer activity this summer will be swimming because my DH built me a very nice lap pool! But my other fav summer activity is RVing – we usually try to go for at least 2 weeks! 🙂

  10. Amy S. says:


  11. Caffey says:

    I’m waiting for my book to come! I order the Nocturnes in their book club at Harlequin! I don’t want to miss any of these. They send them every other month so I should get these May books at the end of the month along with April’s books! Don’t put me in for the contest since I have the book coming already from Harlequin, but I love going to the park and watching people and reading my books under the tree! Its a great way to cool off but too be out in the bigger air!

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