A Taste of Inspiration…

Yes, Hugh inspired me to create Adam Shepherd...rough, ready...yet a bit of vulnerability in his eyes

Yes, Hugh inspired me to create Adam Shepherd...rough, ready...yet a hint of vulnerability in his eyes

What inspires you to write?  That’s a question writers hear often from curious readers.  And, let’s face it, what inspires paranormal writers can be especially intriguing. (I know this because of the looks I often get at baseball games or PTO meetings!)  My ideas come as a sizzle of excitement caused by a glimpse of a certain picture, a snippet of a riveting song or a striking scene in a movie.  Like a sudden high, there, then gone, those moments of excitement continually fill the “cup” of my imagination until it’s brimming and ready to spill on to the page.  Writing is my way of capturing that high and keeping it forever.

I’m a mental scrap booker.  No.  Not those lovely pristine beauties Mom’s create to commemorate graduations or weddings.  My mental scrap books are great big messy compilations filled to bursting with all that will eventually become a finished book.  (Hopefully, a lovely and pristine finished book…at least by the time my editors are finished with it!)

Today, I thought I would share some of the “scraps” that inspired me to write the book that eventually became CAPTURED, my first erotic paranormal romance from Loose Id. 

In Resident Evil, Milla Jovovich has to be tough even as she's forced to be vulnerable.  This inspired me to create Maya Bonner in CAPTURED.

In Resident Evil, Milla Jovovich has to be tough even as she's forced to be vulnerable. This inspired me to create Maya Bonner in CAPTURED.

What inspires you as a writer and a reader?  How do you save your ideas?  Are you a mental scrap booker or do you keep your ideas handy in a physical way?  And how do you handle those curious looks from bystanders when you’re in line at the bookstore with an armload full of vampires? I’d love to know…’cause my wicked wink is getting a little worn out from overuse!

This movie poster grabbed my attention.  I Am Legend as a romance.  Why not?

This movie poster grabbed my attention. I Am Legend as a romance. Why not?

This song could be sung by Maya Bonner as she’s forced into close proximity with someone who is supposed to hate her.

11 Responses to “A Taste of Inspiration…”
  1. Dawn McClure says:

    Interesting post. I’d have to say that things just come to me. I was in a bubble bath when Alexia, the heroine from Azazel, just seemed to yak in my head. Out of no where I see this hot chick facing off with three rogues, and she says, “I”ll break your back like a dry twig in autumn.”

    Then came the questions.

    Who is she? Can she really do what she says? Wouldn’t it be cool if she could? lol

    Of course then comes the work. I’m a big daydreamer. I’m always thinking about romance characters, be it mine or someone elses. 🙂 A lot of things will come to me when I have my MP3 player on.

  2. Oh how I wish dialogue would come to me that way. I usually have to wrestle it out ’til I’ve got persperation dripping into my eyes and down onto the keyboard! lol

    That is a great line:>

  3. Suzanne Rock says:

    Nice post!

    The inspiration for Spyder’s Web came from a pitch contest held on Jessica Faust’s Blog (a literary agent, for those of you who don’t know). She wanted the first 100 words of your story. It sparked a contest between my husband and I to come up with the best first sentence ever written. He came up with the first line of Spyder’s Web, and I was like “WOW!”. It really got my imagination going and the rest, as they say, is history.

    I wrote a short story once, called Captive, that is currently shelved. I was standing in line at the deli and this guy came up next to me. He looked like he worked in construction. Big guy, bulky, wavy aurburn hair, tight T-shirt, black jeans, big green eyes that almost reminded me of a predatory cat, and a gold earing. I couldn’t stop staring. I could tell he was uncomfortable but I couldn’t help myself. All I could think of was – THAT’S MY PIRATE! (Captive’s hero is a pirate). I wanted to memorize every detail about him so I could write it down later. I’m sure he thought I was insane. Maybe I am. I saw this guy over a year ago and he’s still stuck in my head. LOL.

    You know, I should dust off that story and sub it somewhere. It was pretty good…

  4. I love a dash of pirate every now and then, Suzanne. Bring that baby out into the sun! Am wondering if that hunky construction worker thought he had a stalker. lol Too fun!

    Right now, I can’t get the movie Sleepy Hollow out of my mind. Just watched the Depp version the other night. Have no idea what it will translate to on the page, but it’s definitely brewing into something.

  5. Mari Freeman says:

    Great post.

    My novel BIRTHRIGHT was inspired by my crazy cat Clyde. He was an old bugger of 18 when the story idea came to me. I was petting him and wondering how long he would be with me and how on earth he was as healthy as he was for 18 years old. I decided he must be my guardian because he’d been with me through so much. The character of Manus was born that afternoon in the porch swing.

    An entire world bloomed from there. Clyde lived to be 22 years old and the story was published last year.

    It’s always something different that starts a story for me. Besides my cat, it’s been a guy on the street, a dream or a question I needed to answer for myself.

    Thanks for asking the question…


  6. Susan Falk says:

    Inspiration comes to me from many different places. Music is a big trigger for me. I hear a song and it just makes something in me react.

    My 1924 Chicago manuscript, I honestly don’t know where the inspiration came from because Amanda, James & Roarke had been in my head for so long by the time my son died and I wrote Amanda’s story to keep myself from going insane. The story flowed so easily because I knew them intimately by the time I wrote it down, only thing was in my head James was the hero but as I wrote it was obvious while hero material he wasn’t Amanda’s hero.

    I consider the book my son’s, and until I have joined him in heaven I will do everything under my power to see that the story he helped me write sees the light of day.

  7. Mari, I love the idea of a cat guardian and your Clyde sounds wonderful. I’m glad you shared that moment of inspiration with us.

    Susan, I’m so rooting for your book to find a home. Even more now than ever. ((((hugs))))

  8. Chandra Ryan says:

    My inspiration for the Inked stories came from a trip to the grocery store. My eyes happened to catch this guy’s. He had tattoos down his arms and you could tell he was a ‘bad boy’. And Isaac was born. When I got half way through his novel, though, I became really interested in the heroine’s sister, Izzy. And that’s how Ink in the Blood happened. I stopped working on Inked Betrayal to work on Izzy, but now that that’s done I’m back to working on Isaac.

  9. Chandra, I can’t wait to read about your ‘bad boy’ Isaac. It sounds like the grocery store is a great place for finding inspiration:> I have to admit I’m fascinated by tatoos. Maybe because I’ve never been bold enough to get one?

  10. Robyn Bski says:

    Tattoos are great, I have 3 so far. 😉

    Most of my stories are inspired by dreams I’ve had, but my inspiration for the hero in Blood, Smoke, and Mirrors was from a dream my husband had. And he hasn’t told me about any of his dreams since, probably to keep me from stealing more of his ideas…

  11. Anna Hackett says:

    I wish my grocery store was as exciting as everyone elses!

    Barbara – I have the exact same photo of Hugh Jackman!. He is my all time fav actor and since I’m Australian, I claim him as mine and no one else can have him!!

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