Clash of the Covers

The covers this week are incredible. It’s hard for me to choose. Seriously. I wonder who will win?


Suzanne’s Pick:


DDWhat Suzanne says:

I mean, what’s NOT to like about this cover? Those tattoos speak for themselves. Hard as steel. Yet there’s something about the way he positions his body that suggests vulnerability…

Barbara’s Pick:

Immersed  by Liz Craven


Barbara says:

 Truthfully, this is my favorite book cover of all time. The image goes so well with the title. In one glance, this cover conveys complete obsession and passion. The hero’s eyes are riveting. The heroine’s abandon in the water mirrors what the hero makes her feel inside the pages of the book. It’s hot and meaningful, all at the same time. No author could hope for more than that!


Dawn’s Pick:


Dawn Says:

I saw this cover in the bookstore, and it really caught my eye. I’m pretty sure I did a double take. I picked this book for cover wars because it’s not your normal paranormal cover. It doesn’t have a lot going on…just one hot nekkid guy. And it works. Now it’s your turn.

Which one is your favorite?

10 Responses to “Clash of the Covers”
  1. There’s just something about that gorgeous inked back that makes the *Demon Dreamer* cover irresistable!

  2. I think this is our best week yet!

  3. KAK says:

    Gods bless a publisher for putting a yummy nekkid man on their cover (particularly when yummy nekkid women have been appearing on them for years), but I still prefer to imagine what’s under the britches. Oh, and did I mention a weakness for tats? Yeah…mmm…body art…

  4. Caffey says:

    That was hard to pic, they all so good! I ended up going with Demon Dreamer by Vivi Anna and loved that this book of Elizabeth Amber already dropped the towel, LOL.

    Now I can’t wait to get and read them too!

  5. elove says:

    A tough one this week. I initially went for the nekkid man, mainly because, well, he’s NAKED (and I am a big fan of the TRE ((Tight Rear End))…)! And then I thought I’d be mature and pick Back-tatts man. It’s very pretty. I love the stylised vine things.
    They are all very appealing though, another week and I would have picked Barbara’s! Gawd, make it hard for us, ladies!

  6. Looks like Demon Dreamer is winning:> It is lovely!

  7. Eris says:

    Another hard hard decision. I would pick up all these covers in a heartbeat. But … had to go with nekkid guy. His Grecian form and pose which to me suggested he may be fleeing someone or something and the vibrant yet shadowy red background pushed it over the edge.

  8. Natasha A. says:

    I have to go with Demon Dreamer. The tattoos did it for me!

  9. Brian says:

    Keep up the good work, bookmarked and referred some friends.

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