Delicious Heroes…Who’s Your Favorite Flavor?

manofdreams_lgI’ll admit it. As a teen, I carried a dog -eared romance with Fabio on its cover in my big floppy hobo purse. A string of them, actually, all written by Johanna Lindsey. To this day, I have a soft spot for the guy. (Confession:  I liked him best with dark hair.)  Thus began my addiction to heroes. (Okay, some would say the addiction began much, much earlier with Saturday afternoon reruns of Zorro and Friday nights with Remington Steele, but Fabio cemented the deal in my fourteen year old heart, I promise.) There have been times when the addiction tipped over into the realm of obsession. (A certain platinum vampire swaggered through my dreams many, many times not too long ago.  And just last week I indulged in a Johnny Depp marathon thanks to my dealer…I mean, Netflix.)Depp

So, what about heroes fascinates me? I could certainly wax poetic about Depp’s eyes or Spike’s wicked humor. I could go all misty-eyed and breathless talking about the very idea of a muscle-bound demon-slayer sweeping me into his arms. (And those would have to be some major muscles to sweep these hips anywhere much less almost six feet off the ground!)spike

But, when I stop to analyze what makes heroes delicious to the point that I’m completely addicted and sometimes obsessed with them, I realize it isn’t about eyes, or accents or abs. It’s about devotion and dedication and desire. It’s not the eyes. It’s the intensity of the gaze. It’s not the humor or the accent, but the low intimate whisper for your ears, alone. It’s not about the muscles. It’s about the willingness to be as strong as it takes to vanquish the villain, help the heroine meet her goals and sweep her off her feet in spirit if not in actuality. (Though actuality is damn fun, isn’t it?)

So, do you like ’em big and muscle bound or lean and lethal? Do intense eyes make your toes curl or are you more interested in full kissable lips? OR, do you find yourself like me, drawn to heroes for far more than their rippling biceps and wavy hair? Wounded Warrior, Bad Boy, Saint, Sinner, Angel, demon, rogue…who’s your favorite flavor? There’s nothing better than a hero for a midnight snack…

5 Responses to “Delicious Heroes…Who’s Your Favorite Flavor?”
  1. Suzanne Rock says:

    Great post Barbara!

    I love the hero who keeps his emotions close to his chest, who has a tortured past, and who is intense. I tend to prefer tall, dark, and handsome to fair, humorous, and laid back. More mysterious than “boy next door”. More controlling than “go with the flow”. I fall hard for the guy who will move Heavan and Earth to get what he wants…and then shows strong emotion when it slips through his fingers.

  2. Okay, Suzanne, now I’m in love with your perfect hero! Tortured pasts give a character such depth. In CAPTURED, Adam Shepherd is the sole survivor of his small home town after a plague/werewolf attack. He’s scarred, both physically and emotionally. Completely closed off and driven for revenge. So, of course, I loved tempting him with a psychic heroine who could glimpse his hidden heart!

  3. Dawn McClure says:

    I agree with you on Fabio! He was all over Johanna Lindsay’s books, and I thought he looked much better with dark hair.

    As for my perfect hero…my fav hero to date is Brodick in Ransom, followed closely by Zsadist. I like the tortured hero, though it depends on the writer and how they convey the hero to me. I’ve read light-hearted contemporaries where the hero has silly quirks, a great sense of humor, and a soft place in his heart for the heroine. Or in paranormals, where the hero is tough, tortured and hot as hell. I fall in love well-written heroes. Those heroes that will do ANYTHING for the heroine…even die for her.

    My fav scene in a movie is in Robinhood with Kevin Costner…when he just saved his lady, and she says in a soft voice…”You came for me.” He replies breathlessly (after risking his life for her) “I’d die for you.”

    Gets me every time. And the song for that movie…*sigh*

  4. Sarina says:

    Ok since I’m up EARLY for once… Is this technically early?? My fav hero would most definitely have to be dark, a mysterious past, muscles wouldn’t hurt… Hmmm Deliciousness wouldn’t be bad either. But he would most definitely have to have a ‘soft spot’ for the heroine (Geez I feel like I’m talking about drugs!) And wouldn’t mind some.. mishaps. So long as there was most definitely hurtles both have to overcome. Most books its just about a single character being dealt left and right with obstacles, not both.

  5. Chandra Ryan says:

    I, too, fall for the tortured hero every time. Strong, confident, ever so slightly arrogant, but has the heroine’s best interests at heart. The tougher (emotionally) they are the more the HEA gets me. You know, that moment where they have to admit they’re vulnerable, that they need someone else. Sigh…

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