Clash of the Covers!!!

Here it is…another week, another contest. I did things a little differently this week. I know some of you have been curious about the books that we showcase in “Clash of the Covers.” This week, if you click on the covers, you will be taken  directly to a publisher or bookstore where you can read the blurb, an exerpt, or purchase the book. In the case of books not yet released (as in Suzanne’s pick this week) the link will take you to the author’s “coming soon” page on his/her website, where you can learn more about the book.

It takes me some time to generate these links (along with some hair pulling), so I would like some feedback as to whether this was helpful for all of you. If people like it, then I will continue to do this in the future. If people aren’t really interested, then next week we’ll go back to the old way of doing things. 😉


Okay. now for the contest…


Barbara’s pick:


barbaras pick



Barbara says ~ I love the passionate moment the artist captured for this cover. The heroine’s face says it all! Such abandon. And the full moon with the howling wolf fills the atmosphere surrounding them with emotion to compliment what they must be feeling. This cover immediately makes me feel the moment. Applause for the artist, Tuesday Dube.


Dawn’s Pick:


dawns pick



What Dawn Says  ~I’m seeing a theme with the covers I choose from week to week…hot male bods baby! I have a thing for covers with male torso’s on them. I should only stick to the actual cover, because this is obviously Clash of the Covers, not clash of the blurbs. Still, I’m going to add this snippet of the blurb – only one line – because the cover is what made me want to read the blurb, and the blurb is what made me want to read the book. *Instead, it proves to be a portal from hell, out of which a sexy denizen of the underworld has just emerged.*Sexy denizen of the underworld? Sign me up!


Suzanne’s Pick:


sues pick



(If you click on Suzanne’s cover, you need to scroll down Gena’s upcoming release page to find this book. It’s the 4th book down.)

What Suzanne says ~Sigh. Half naked man with a tattoo. What else is there to say? Not to mention that this is one of my favorite ongoing series. I love all the covers in the series, but the purple in the background gives this one a real dark/supernatural feel.  I’m so eager for this release coming this fall (September).  Love the title, too. “Darkest Whisper.” It’s sexy and secretive. Very nice!


Now it’s your turn – Which one is your favorite cover?




11 Responses to “Clash of the Covers!!!”
  1. Suzanne, thank you so much for adding those links. It’s great to be able to learn more about the books we’ve chosen. Once again, you and Dawn picked some touch competition. I love them all!

  2. Bree says:

    I have to agree with you, Barbara, even though I am clearly biased. 😀 Tuesday Dube’ does fabulous work, and I’ve been so thrilled to have her doing all of our Red Rock Pass covers! Props to her!

  3. Bonnie Hoffmaster says:

    Suzanne – thank you for putting the link in. I’ve been wanting to check out a couple of the books here before, so that makes it uber convenient.

  4. Natasha A. says:

    Moira Rogers all the way!

  5. Susan Falk says:

    I always seem to pick the minority one in this weekly showdown *s*, not sure why that is!

    And, yes, thanks for the links, very helpful!

  6. LOL, Susan and Dawn. I’m not as drawn to torsos. I tend to like couples or unique backgrounds. I’m big on eyes and expressions. Of all my own covers, HUNGER is my favorite. Still, I really like these two “torso” covers ’cause that isn’t all they are. I love the pose on Gena Showalter’s and the butterfly tat. I love the city and the tat on Anna Evans’.

    Still, I’m sticking with my Rogers pick. I just love the couple’s embrace. Sigh.

  7. Cathy M says:

    The book links are a great idea. I picked Moira’s cover.

  8. Chandra Ryan says:

    Wow, it’s really close right now.

  9. Suzanne Rock says:

    You’re right, Chandra. All 3 of them look pretty close. I’ll give it a couple of hours and see if one of them squeeks ahead…

  10. Suzanne Rock says:

    Looks like Devil Take Me (Dawn’s pick) squeaked out with a win. Congrats Dawn!

  11. Gabby R says:

    Very very tough choices, but I had to go with with Darkest Whisper……it was the whole overall cover…….

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