Clash of the Covers

Here we go again! We’ve got some tough competition this week. Who will win?


Dawn’s Pick:


dawn's pic


What Dawn says ~ I love the muted colors of blue that make you feel the cold. The hard set of his jaw. The open jacket. He needs someone to warm him up. He’s begging for it. *raises hand*


Suzanne’s Pick:

sue's pic

What Suzanne says ~  Okay, so this isn’t a paranormal story, but that’s okay. Color is a big thing with me and I like its use here. I really love the simplicity. The picture ties in well with the title. The hands are so small and delicate and the ropes are so …er…rough. And large.  LOL. Makes me wonder about the person who tied them on her.  Is he big and tough as well? *VBG* What a great contrast and well suited to this erotic historical. (Told you  I was on a historical kick this week…)


Barbara’s pick:

 barbara's pick


Barbara says ~ Okay, maybe my ennui is showing this week. <g>  I’ve been reading so many contemporary heroes lately.  One glimpse of this hot warrior and my imagination sat up and took notice.  Now, here’s a hero.  I love his ferocity.  I love the way the scripted font of the title contrasts with his masculinity.  The way his hardened face is kissed by sunlight is just wonderful. Don’t you want to touch his cheek and feel that warmth?  Makes me wonder if an actual kiss would soften those lips! lol 


Now it’s your turn. Which cover is your favorite???


6 Responses to “Clash of the Covers”
  1. All the covers are spectacular but that is one gorgeous, hot man…uh, cover;-) for Seeking Truth!

  2. I know…I’m so in love. The best part for me is that he looks over twenty. I get a little put off my the very, very young guys on covers. My own “Wilderness” included!

  3. Suzanne Rock says:

    LOL Barbara about the male models looking over 20. I know what you mean. I have to admit…your cover looks HAWT. It was a really tough choice this week!

  4. elove says:

    Oooh! Nice ones. I went for the Kresley Cole. I’m a sucker for a nice set of pecs. And there’s something about the bare chest and the snow that set off a shiver…

  5. Looks like Seeking Truth is our winner this week:> ((applause))

  6. Ooooo, cool, Barbara. Thanks for including Seeking Truth in the Clash of the Covers this week. I absolutely love this cover – it was designed by Syneca.

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