A Knight in Shining Armor?

019_1484There are so many reasons to love romance novels.  The happily ever afters and the vulnerable but tough heroines that struggle to obtain them.  The adventure, the angst, the fun, the sex…but I have to confess that, for me, there’s one thing that keeps me coming back to romances again and again:

Chivalry isn’t dead.

In my fantasy world, chivalry is alive and kicking and willing to take out a horde of ravening werewolves or a wicked hungry vampire or a lab full of evil scientists just because they’re there and a threat to the heroine’s well being.  In my fantasy world, a hero can and will hold the heroine when she’s cold, kiss the heroine when she’s lonely and fight by her side when she’s got evil to vanquish.


Okay, sure, there are six pack abs and intense eyes, kissable lips and even a bulging bicep or two along the way, but it’s the chivalry that gets me every time

Those moments when a male character steps up and steps out for the woman he’s beginning to love.Fotolia_14104298_S  In small ways and large, in ways that put his heart at risk and in ways that put his life at risk, it’s those steps that woo me and win me.  It’s those steps that I try to capture in the stories I create.

I don’t care if he’s Alpha or Emo, blond or brunette, a vampire or a cowboy (or a wicked blend of both).  If he’s got a knight in shining armor somewhere deep within his soul, I’m sold.  I’m gone for sure if he only brings that knight out for one special woman when she needs it most of all.

So, how about you?  Do you think chivalry is dead?  Or do you melt when a hot guy offers to do something for you?  (Even if you outwardly roll your eyes at him and do it yourself!) 


9 Responses to “A Knight in Shining Armor?”
  1. Sarina says:

    I think that a lot of chivalry is dead. Especially when you’ve been around with someone for so long. For instance, my husband use to open doors for me (house, car anything). He wouldn’t let me carry my own luggage stating ‘Its my job because I am the man and should protect you.’ Now-a-days I can barely get a door opened when I’m multitasking, holding a baby, diaper bag PLUS groceries. I honestly wish he’d go back to how he was. Secretly I want to kick the military’s butt for doing this to him! *coughs* ANYWHO!

  2. Ack, Sarina, about the multi-tasking and your hubby not getting the door. If I was walking with a female and had my hands full, I would expect the courtesy. At that point it’s not about romance, it’s about practicality and respect:P

    Maybe if you reminded him that rude wasn’t sexy? At the most appropriate time, of course.

  3. Suzanne Rock says:

    Great post Barbara! I think now-a-days a lot of men are left confused when it comes to chivlary. Some women like having the door opened for them, others don’t. Men can’t read mnds – which one is it? should he take the risk?

    I’m lucky that hubby still opens the door for me. He doesn’t do it for others as much, though. It’s because once he got scolded by a woman who “could open the door by herself, thank you very much”. She went on to tell him that she didn’t need a man to do stuff for her. Sheesh. He was just trying to be nice…

    Personally, I always like it when a guy holds open a door for me or offers me a seat. It shows that he is kind, considerate, and thinks of others. There really isn’t enough of that in the world, IMHO.

  4. bridget3420 says:

    I don’t think chivlary is dead, I think some people have just forgotten about it. My husband still opens doors for me and he’ll do anything to make my life simpler. I found my prince:)

  5. Bonnie Hoffmaster says:

    Chivalry isn’t dead, but unfortunately lots of “people” (there, see how PC I can be? lol) have been trying to kill it for years. Apparently they’ve got something to prove. My hubby will do for me when he’s around, and my son is being raised to be a gentleman. Sadly, he’ll probably run up against an experience like Suzanne’s husband. But I always tell my kids that it doesn’t matter what other people do or say, we’re still responsible for our own behavior and to do the right thing.
    Long live chivalry!!

  6. I have to admit my husband comes up against my inner UF bitca sometimes. He’s always powered through it. My rolling eyes can’t withstand his super hero tendencies. I love it, of course;)

    I always smile and say thank you when a stranger opens a door for me. Man, woman, child–it’s just polite. They’re not trying to make some kind of statement. they’re opening a door. Sheesh. Sorry your husband had to come up against that silliness, Suzanne.

  7. Sandi says:

    Great post! I love a good dose of chivalry and alpha-male. My hubby opens the doors for me and will hold an umbrella for me in the rain occasionally. But when there’s a verbal altercation at Walmart between me and the guy in front of me? No so much chivalry there as he stands and looks on, but then he’ll throw me for a loop and load the dishwasher without me asking. Sigh. He’s a keeper.

  8. Anna Hackett says:

    Great post, Barbara.

    I agree with Suzanne, I think guys are confused. Many women want to be seen as strong and independant, and letting a guy be chivalrous is seen by some as weak.

    Me, I love that my hubby opens doors, carries my bags and cooks me breakfast, lunch and dinner. I make sure I never forget to tell him how much I appreciate it and I wouldn’t trade him for the world.

  9. elove says:

    Yep, I’m with Suzanne and Anna. I think, for men, it’s a fine line between being chivalrous and looking like a pansy.
    The first date hubby and I even went on, he opened the car door for me (both climbing in and getting out). Made him run around quick once he’d parked, but with that work, he was sooo in! After nearly 15 years, he still tries to get it even if his hands are full with three kids.

    Now I just have to teach him to cook, and I’m good. 🙂

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