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Sunday, instead of writing this blog or working on my next manuscript, I wasted time on Twitter. Anyone out there ever procrastinated like that? 🙂  I’ve blogged before about how sites are great places to connect with others and unwind. There are many social networking sites, but Twitter is my favorite. This site is not only a good place to reconnect with friends, but also a great place to get information.

During the Iranian elections, you could find up-to-the-second news of the protests and riots. If news items aren’t your thing,  then that’s okay. Maybe you want to learn about the latest Malware threat, the scores from your favorite sporting event, or a recipe for dinner tonight. You can find all of these things on Twitter.  Authors use it to post their word counts for the day, encouraging friendly competition. Some editors and agents use it to summarize conferences, post links to useful websites, and encourage their authors. Recently, agent/author Diedre Knight used Twitter to start a grass roots effort for change within Romance Writers of America. (For more information, click HERE.)

And if none of that interests you, you can find out what Ashton Kutcher had for dinner. 🙂

As you can see, I’m addicted to Twitter. It’s all good, though. Whether someone uses it to stay updated, gain momentum for a cause, or to relax, Twitter has become an increasingly popular (and addictive) internet tool. It can be a lot of fun, as long as you don’t let it become an obsession like this guy did…

(special thanks to Brenda Copeland for Tweeting this video. 🙂 )


When you’re done laughing (go ahead, I’ll wait), hop on over to the Book Cover Lover’s Blog. I have my book cover up, and it’s feeling a little lonely. Leave a comment so I can feel the love!

And now, I’m asking all of you… do you Tweet? If so, why am I not following you? 😉 If not, what is it about Twitter that you don’t like? Do you think Twitter is on the rise or decline? And, of course, what was the funniest Tweet/Status Update you’ve seen? That you’ve posted?

And if you really want to know what I had for dinner last night… click HERE

8 Responses to “Tweet Tweet”
  1. I really enjoy facebook more than I enjoy twitter. I’m using twitter more and more, but facebook is more fun for me. There seems to be a personal connection on facebook that I enjoy. (I’m also addicted to the “l like this” feature which enables me to quickly support my friends.)

    Still, I don’t think anything gets the word out better than twitter. It’s fast and furious and ever changing, allowing folks to constantly keep on top of things.

  2. elove says:

    Hi Dawn,
    Great post again – I was going to make twittering my next blog post, too! Darn it! Beat me.

    Last week I felt that Twitter was out of my league. I don’t personally know many of the twitterersm, and felt often like I was very out of the loop, or worse, eaves dropping on personal conversations. Which is silly, but there you are.

    I don’t think you can be a passive twitterer. You’ve got to reply and retweet to make it useful. Unless you’re an author, then you’ve got stuff to say…

    I enjoy it though, and I’m now following Dawn!

    Its a bit scary though, Sherrilyn Kenyon had her twitter a/c hacked and now she’s can’t access numerous things. The hackers are unsavoury sorts, sending malevolent messages. It looks like SK is threatening people! And Twitter HQ is slow on shutting it down.

    Needless to say, SK is now moving over to FB.

    IF you’re a FBer – check her note here : (copy and paste into browser).

    I’m sorry, I can’t find the original blog post.

    It probably won’t happen to all of us – I’m not a bestselling author – but some people are…

    I like to twitter, and with tweetdeck on the phone, it’s easy. I’ll keep on doing it… Barbara’s being doing great stuff with RWAchange.

    Thanks ladies, tweet you soon! E x

  3. Robyn Bski says:

    I just joined Twitter last week. Just in time for the RWAchange storm to break out, which was fascinating to watch. I’m also a Sherrilyn Kenyon fan and heard about her hacker problems, which worries me, but I’m going to keep trying Twitter out for now.

    I love Facebook far more. It’s more secure, and it keeps me entertained at work. 😉

  4. Suzanne Rock says:

    Hi Barbara – I know you love FB…I think I became disenchanted with it when my inbox kept filling up with promo spam. I like the instantaneous gratification of twitter. I still do FB, just not as much.

    elove – hey there! I didn’t hear about SK and her hacker problems. That’s terrible. I stopped really started using twitter when my FB account got hacked. Someone got in and started sending lewd vdeos to all the people who friended me. It was incredibly embarrassing, but most people were cool about it. It was a big PITA to straighten out. Guess it pays to just be alert to these tings…Twitter, FB, even Myspace has its hackers…

    Hi Robyn! Welcome to twitter! I agree with elove’s advice. You can’t be passive on twitter. Retweet updates, talk to people…jump right in. Befoer you know it, you’ll be an expert. 😉

  5. Pam S says:

    I have facebook and twitter. I am realitively new to both and have really just started using them.

    My twitter –

    My facebook –

  6. Vivi Andrews says:

    Wow. That video is hysterical.

    I’m pretty new to Facebook and haven’t yet tried Twitter. I’m kinda afraid I wouldn’t be interesting in 140 characters or less. (And now I’m tempted to count the characters in this comment. LOL.)

  7. elove says:

    226 with spaces, Vivi. You can do it!

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