Clash of the Covers

It looks like Rachel Vincent’s MY SOUL TO TAKE is our winner!!  Congratulations, Rachel.  It is a gorgeous cover.  Our next Clash of the Covers will kick off on Monday, July 6th. Because the clash has become such a huge hit, we’ll be running each clash for a full week before announcing a winner.  Make sure to stop by and see which covers we choose.

Dawn’s Pick:

dawns pick


What Dawn says – Hey for once I don’t have a half-naked guy on the cover! This cover caught my eye for many reasons. The title, the colors…and it’s a Harlequin Teen book. Still, the cover is fabulous. 🙂


Suzanne’s Pick:


sues pick


What Suzanne says – I love the dark desperation in this cover. The man sprawled out on the pedistal, arms open as if he is offering himself up as a sacrifice is dramatic, but the pearls wrapped around him really drew me in. The soft, delicate gems are such a sharp contrast to the harsh image. Love it. Makes me want to read the story.


Barbara’s Pick:




barbaras pick


What Barbara says – I’ve always had a soft spot for a highwayman. Dark & Dangerous is so intriguing.  I can’t wait to read this book.  A bad boy with big boots on a long stretch of highway with a whip.  I gotta know more!


Now it’s your turn. Which one is your favorite?


25 Responses to “Clash of the Covers”
  1. Oh lord, I always want to vote for them all!

  2. Chandra Ryan says:

    They’re all very good covers!

  3. Vivi Andrews says:

    Wow. Those are all gorgeous!

  4. elove says:

    I was just telling Michele Hauf on e-mail (oh, sorry, did I drop that? ), that I love the cover for Highwayman. I’ve got a *thing* for it. I think it’s a throwback to that Aussie droving icon, the Drizabone, a long oilskin jacket. Although, our jackaroos usually wear a shirt underneath ’cause it’s really dusty.
    Not that I’m complaining, mind.
    The open-legged, hips forward thing is points in it’s favour, too. Yerm.
    This week was tough again, though. The Vincent cover is very eye catching, and the pedestal is different.
    Good one, ladies! E x

  5. Eris says:

    Wow, what a tough choice this week and I’m going to have to get all the books now, but a man whose brave enough to wear a string of pearls has got to get my vote. ;P

  6. Eek, elove said “drover”. My concentration will be shot for the day! Never has a sponge bath/bucket shower looked so good;>

  7. Beverly G says:

    they r all hottt tho i am drawn more towards Rachele vincents cover thats pretty hot and micheles is just ya wow tough call ill go with micheles

  8. elove says:

    LOL, Barbara! Sorry about the concentration… 🙂

  9. Suzanne Rock says:

    Hey Barbara…*whispers* drover.


    Looks like we had another close competition this week….there were definately some tough choices.

  10. elove says:

    Tee hee, Suzanne!

  11. Anna Hackett says:

    Tough choice, but My Soul to Take gets my vote. It’s beautiful, eye-catching and red’s my favorite color.

  12. LMAO, Suzanne. I swear every time I hear or read that word I have to kind of gulp and refocus. It’s hilarious.

  13. Is it okay if I mention this post online, or would that be cheating? 😉

  14. Rachel, we usually call these things on Wednesday morning, but, quite frankly, they’re getting so much traffic I’ve been meaning to ask Suzanne if we could start waiting until the following Tuesday to pick a winner. Everyone seems to be enjoying the cover clash.

    By all means, support your cover!

  15. BreiaB says:

    My Soul to Take has an awesome cover. I like them all but MSTT catches my eye.

  16. My Soul To Take has an amzing cover! it really catched my attention, it’s very sensual and mysterious at the same time.

  17. Josie says:

    Love Rachel Vincent’s Cover, i’ve read all of her books can’t wait to pick this one up as well

  18. Susie says:

    Love MSTT’s cover!

  19. Dandy says:

    wooo MSTT Dandy XXXXXXXX

  20. Suzanne Rock says:

    So sorry – I’v been away all day. I’m technically on vacation, LOL.

    We’ve been thinking the same thing, Barbara. Lately it seems like people really need the extra day or two to hop on over and vote.

    For this round, we’ll keep it open until next Tuesday morning and then declare a winner. 😉

  21. Sharon S. says:

    If all three books were on a bookstore shelf beside each other I would pick Rachel Vincents book up first. the cover is just unique and eye catching.
    Beside I love her books!

  22. Rachel’s book hand down!
    The pearl strangling one?! WTF! That’s my response to that and the firey hunk dude is, eh.

    And My Soul to Take was AWESOME! 🙂 I ❤ Rachel.

  23. Shelley aka spgirls says:

    I picked Rachel’s MY SOUL TO TAKE!!!!!!!!

    I think that this is one of the best covers I’ve seen in a while!
    And I just love Rachel!

    I love everything about this cover especially the word ribbon!!! 😉

  24. Caffey says:

    This was hard! They all rock! I went with MY SOUL TO TAKE!!

  25. Congratulations to Rachel Vincent’s MY SOUL TO TAKE for winning the Clash of the Covers. It is truly a beautiful cover!

    The next clash will begin on Monday, July 6th. Be sure to come by and choose your fav!

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