Clash of the Covers 07-06-09

Welcome to the new and improved Clash of the Covers (COTC)! We’re changing things up a bit and moving COTC to Mondays. We will be keeping the Clash open all week and announcing the winner on the following Monday. Our selections will continue to be eye-catching, with embedded links in the covers to either the author’s website or a buy link. Whenever possible, we’re going to let the author’s know that their covers are in our contest. So if we are lucky, we might even get a surprise guest (or 2, or 3) in our comment section!


So, here’s the contest for this week. It’s tough. I think they’re all gorgeous!


Dawn’s pick:


dawn's pick


What Dawn says: I’ve always loved this cover. When I filled out the cover art form for my own novel, Heaven Scent, I sent this cover with it. Basically I said, “I want something like this. Thank you.” LOL What can I say? I’m still stuck on male torsos. Is there therapy for that?


Barbara’s Pick:

barbara july1


What Barbara says: The second I saw this cover I knew I had to put it up on the Clash. I love the quality of light filtering down through the trees. I love the hero’s tense stance and I love that he’s a mysterious, possibly dangerous silhouette. This cover made me want to take a walk in the woods, heart racing, pulse pounding, waiting to see what might step out of the shadows. Love it!


Suzanne’s Pick:

sue pick 2

What Suzanne says:The cover artist who did this, Natalie Winters, also did Spyder’s Web. Ever since I saw what a great job she did for me, I’ve been on the lookout for her work. She doesn’t disappoint. I love the use of fog on this cover. The token man torso is really eye catching (yeah Dawn, I think we both might need to join that support group 🙂 ). The wonderful tattoo makes me want to learn more about him and his story. Great cover! 

 Now it’s your turn. Which one is your favorite?



10 Responses to “Clash of the Covers 07-06-09”
  1. Emily ~ elove says:

    Yep, the Fury…
    I think it’s the creases in the jeans and the exposed forearms… Num.

  2. As always, great picks ladies! Oh how I love the clash. I’m so glad it’s going to be a week long contest from here on out. All these wonderful covers make EtS such an intriguing place to be. I’ve already discovered several new authors:>

  3. Natasha A. says:

    I have to go with Cat of a Different Color.

  4. I have to go with delicious male torso and the Big Cat.
    Though, I really like The Fury, the more I look at it…
    Still… Pumas… yum-meow…

  5. Cat of a different color is really HOT!

  6. Amy S. says:

    The Fury – Sloan McBride

    Love the colors on this one!

  7. cathiecaffey says:

    That was hard! I ended up with going with Sloan McBride’s THE FURY. Loved how real and rugged those jeans were. And they look so good on him 🙂

  8. Anna Hackett says:

    The Fury – the jeans, the tattoo, the body under the jeans…all very sexy.

  9. Cyntia King says:

    Definitely The Fury for composition and emotional response.

    The fog punches up the title and the title typeface is eye-catching.

    The long, lean male torso shows just enough – and leaves just enough to the imagination – to make you hungry for more.

    Love the tattoo – again just enough without jumping off the cover.

    And it’s sexy!

    • Everyone, thank you so much for your support. I was thrilled to see the cover when I got it. It totally encompasses Dagan, the hero of the story. Yum, and Grrrrrr was all I could say.

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