Does anybody care?

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I had a rough day yesterday. It was so rough that it’s still on my mind, so I’m going to use this forum to share it with you. LOL.

It all started a couple of months ago, when we decided to get our daughter a set of golf clubs for her birthday. My husband plays golf and I used to play before we had kids. Hopefully someday I will again. (Those of you with young children know what I mean, LOL.)  Our daughter loves the game. She likes to watch it on TV with us, and helps my husband clean his clubs. She also throws a fit when he goes off to play on his own. We got her a cheap plastic set from the toy store for her to play with, but it wasn’t the same. We knew it. She knew it. Now that she has grown a few more inches and understands the basic concept of the game, we decided she was ready. It was time to get her a set of her own.

Well, we decided to get a club set through ebay. My husband searched and searched. This one was too expensive, this one wasn’t the right color, this one not the right size. He got outbid here and then again there. We were beginning to think we would never be able to give our daughter a great gift that she really wanted.

Then it happened, we won an auction. My husband immediately paid the seller through paypal and the clubs were shipped out the next day through UPS. (Those of you who have used UPS before can see where this is heading.) We followed it across the US from California. Two days ago it landed in our state. We knew they would be coming soon…


The gold clubs we bought look similar to these.

The gold clubs we bought look similar to these.

My husband went online yesterday afternoon and was surprised to learn that the package had already been dropped off at our house. He looked for it everywhere, even walking around to the back yard in case it was left there. When I got home from work, I did the same. We talked to our neighbors. Nobody had seen the package.

My husband called UPS. They said that we were mistaken and that it was at our front door. Of course, it wasn’t. We called the seller. He said once he shipped it, it was out of his hands.

They just didn’t care.

It was a dark, dark day in our house. It looked as if not only would our daughter not get the golf clubs for her birthday, but we wouldn’t be reimbursed the money we used to purchase them. It was half of the money we put aside for her birthday presents. 


This was the mood in our house last night after we discovered our package was lost in the mail.


What is it with people? Does anybody care anymore? It seems like as a society, we have stopped caring about the quality of work we produce. There’s no pride. In this case there was no consequence for not caring. The seller got his money. UPS got their money. My husband and I were the ones who lost. It was so frustrating and it seems like it’s only getting worse in our society. If this is becoming the norm, I shudder to think of the world my children will have to live in when I’m gone. 

Luckily, this story does end on a good note. Around 9pm last night, our neighbor five houses down walked a box of golf clubs up the street in his business suit and gave it to us. The outside was damaged, but thankfully the clubs inside were fine. Evidently, UPS delivered it to the wrong house. If that man hadn’t taken the time out of his busy night to haul the clubs up hill to our house, we would still be wondering what had happened. He didn’t have to do it, yet he did. Because of him, my daughter will finally be able to go to the driving range with her daddy this summer. Because of him, her birthday party will be a little brighter and her parents a little happier.

I want to publicly thank him, although I’m quite sure he doesn’t read this blog, LOL. Not only has he given us our package, but his act of kindness restored my faith in humanity.

Maybe this society has hope after all. 

So today I want us to help each other reaffirm our faith in humanity. Tell me about a time when someone did something nice and unexpected for you. It could be a family member, a friend, or a complete stranger. If it’s good and it happened to you, I want to hear about it!

13 Responses to “Does anybody care?”
  1. I’ve actually been very lucky in life. Maybe it’s because I had such a rocky childhood, but I’m constantly surprised by how caring and considerate people can be.

    One story…my husband’s parents live in an affluent lake-side subdivision. I’ll never forget losing my engagement ring between the cement and decking of the swimming pool. A)I was the fiance from the “wrong side of the tracks” and already felt uncomfortable around all the “shiny” people. B)My husband bought and paid for the ring himself with no help from his parents so it was (is) a very modest cluster. I was in tears because as the hoopla began I realized that most of the women who were freaking out on my behalf had a half of my husband’s yearly salary on their fingers! I wanted my ring back, but I was horrified at what they all would think when they realized they were moving heaven and earth to save a thousand dollar ring!

    One older woman came to me and hugged me while workers ripped up the decking to get to my ring. Somehow, she’d understood my tearful mutterings and knew I wasn’t only upset about losing the ring. I’ll never forget her showing me the engagement ring her husband had bought her thirty years before he became one of the most wealthy real estate developers on the lake. “It’s priceless…to me,” she said.

    Many times my husband has tried to replace my engagement ring since we are much better off now than we were then. I always remember that kind lady’s words and I always refuse!

  2. ps) I’m so glad your daughter will get her special clubs for her birthday, Suzanne!

  3. I’m so glad your story ended well Sue. But I hear ya, I find our society is too rushed, too easily things are replaced so the same value no longer applies. We throw away and get new all the time. Anyway, I’m a golfer and go out with my son so I’m happy you guys get to share the wonderful game with your daughter!

  4. Lou Gagliardi says:

    I was working the kettles for the Salvation Army this past year, and this woman EVERY time she would see us, would buy my mother and I the BIGGEST glasses of hot chocolate. Not that I didn’t appreciate, I just feel guilty when people spend money on me (or send me books 😉 )

    In another case, my mother and I were hungry while standing kettles, and didn’t have money of our own. So a worker at the grocery store that we were working, took her OWN foodstamps and bought my mom and I a complete meal.

    For both ladies, my mom and I pitched in and bought cards for them, and inside was a $100 gfit card (the visa kind so they could use it anywhere) and a personalized thank you card for the generosity.

  5. Grace Conley says:


    Ahhh…yet another fun UPS story. We live in California, ordered a product from a California company who dutifully shipped their product out from their warehouse here….only to have it arrive a week later because UPS required that it route through their “hub” in Texas.

    That was our most recent fun, but I can tell you….after suffering through a wedding registry where everything was coming by UPS, our family uses the US Postal Service and Fedex as our vendors of choice!

    I’m really glad your daughter got the clubs — that will be an awesome way for her to spend time with Dad — and you’ll get some more writing time! 🙂

  6. Well, I’ve had a million kind things bestowed upon me recently, but I do find that it’s sad that a tragedy is what it often takes for them to come out. HOWEVER, one amazing thing that still floors me sticks out in my mind- and I think she’d have done it, tragedy or not! One of my amazing critique partners (ahem Grace Conley) got together my other cp’s and Brenda Novak and nominated me for the RWA conference scholarship… which I won. Wow. I cried. Ask hubby. I cried for, like, a day, I was so amazed. And it wasn’t the fact that the gesture was so huge, but more that it was made at all. It was so sweet. So thoughtful. So unexpected!
    So… thanks for caring, guys. You rock 🙂

  7. Fiona Vance says:

    Yay! The Birthday Fairy to the Rescue. Although I’m sure the man in the suit probably wouldn’t like being called a Fairy 🙂

    Here’s a cool story: When my husband and I and our two small kids first moved cross country from Rhode Island to Oregon, we rented a cute, modest house on a quiet block. Driving cross country had forced us to get rid of 90% of our stuff, because gas for the larger trucks x 3300 miles was just too expensive, and it was less money to re-buy things when we got here than to move them. So we came with very little. Certainly no perishables, like you would bring for a cross-town move.

    The day after we moved in, I came home from somewhere to find ten or twelve brown paper grocery bags of groceries covering the entire front porch… full to overflowing with everything: canned goods, dry goods, breads, plastic wrap, ziplock bags, dish detergent… you name it. It was a complete mystery.

    A few days later I met the elderly lady a few houses down. She told me she knew how it was to move a family a long way. She was Danish, and eighty years ago her father came to the US and eventually saved enough money to bring over the family. They only had enough to get as far as New York, so after a daunting sea voyage on some tiny cargo ship, their trip across country continued through the kindness of strangers. When the mother and children finally made it to Oregon, long after the money had run out and none of the children had had a decent meal or a wash or a bed indoors in weeks, the people in the town had greeted them with a kitchen full of food. It had literally saved their lives. She said she’d never forget that kindness, and it made her happy to know she’d done something helpful for us after our long journey. I know I was never more happy to see a can of Maxwell House in my life 🙂

  8. Suzanne Rock says:

    Barbara – how embarrassing hat your ring fell through the deck! I hear you about the sentimental value, though. My hubby bought mine when we were in college. Neither one of us had any money, so it’s pretty small. Now that we are better off he has offered to replace it, but I refuse. He worked all summer to save up to get me that ring. He ate mac N chese and ramen noodles for a year so he could pay for it. It’s worth more to me than anything else he could possibly buy now.

  9. Suzanne Rock says:

    Jules! – Thanks for stopping by. I know you play golf. I’m so jealous of hat. Sigh. Someday. If we ever get together for nationals we’ll have to go golfing together – or at least a driving range. I miss it!

    Hi Lou! So glad you stopped by. That is so nice that people offered to help you out while you worked the kettles. I’ve heard of people doing stuff like that before, but have never done anything like that myself. Hmmm….may need to change that. 🙂

  10. Suzanne Rock says:

    Hi GRace! Thanks for stopping by! I can’t even imagine the nightmare you had with your wedding registry. I’m cringing over here. YIKES! I’ve never had a problem wiht priority mail or Fed Ex. I’ll probably use those from now on.

    Hi Lauren! Aw, shucks. You deserved it, hon. I’m so glad everything worked out. Let me tell you that we were all biting our nails and hoping you would be picked! When we found out you got the scholarship it was HARD to keep from telling you. LOL.

  11. Suzanne Rock says:

    Hi Fiona! Thanks for stopping by. I know how busy you can get. 😉 Wow, what a great story. Your neighbor was so thoughtful! Must have been comforting to know that you had such great people living close by.

  12. Lou Gagliardi says:


    not to berate you–but I would. We kettleworkers stand out there, sometimes in freezing cold, depending on where we are. We can’t accept money, or big huge meals (while we’re working, on break I found is a different story). We don’t get paid, it’s 100% volunteer.

    So please, if you see a kettle worker stand there, please if you can even a small glass of hot chocolate, or even a bottle of water is more than we could ever ask for.

    And I promise, that’s all I’ll say, I won’t get soap boxy on this blog.

  13. The people who do still care are treasures!
    I’ve had those kind of nice things done for me. And I do them for others, like returning a check someone dropped.

    So glad your daughter’s birthday turned out GOOD!

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