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embracetheshadowslogoToday is all about celebrating the paranormal romance lovers who have welcomed Embrace the Shadows into the blog community.  Dawn, Suzanne and I are so excited that our venture has been a success. We’re now approaching 5,000 views and we thought it was high time to say “thank you” to everyone who has taken time to visit our guests, enjoy the interviews and take part in contests. 

The concept of EtS is passionate and simple: show some love to our favorite romance genre. Thanks to everyone who has joined us in doing just that!

Starting today and running until Wednesday morning of next week, we’ll be taking comments on this thread.  Each comment will be entered into a drawing.  The winner of the drawing will receive Dawn McClure’s Asmodeus, Suzanne Rock’s Spyder’s Web and Barbara J. Hancock’s Hunger.

WAsmodeusTell us what you love about paranormal romance.  Tell us what you love about EtS. And thank you again for Embracing the shadows with us every day!

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14 Responses to “Thank You”
  1. Lou Gagliardi says:

    What do I love about Paranormals? Their not quite mainstream, and the men are much, much hotter and more demanding yet loving. I mean what’s not to love?

  2. Lou Gagliardi says:

    btw, i had Hunger from a contest from Barbara, and then my hard drive went before I had a chance to back it up. I don’t need it again though, so please don’t enter me into this contest. I just wanted to comment.

  3. Debby says:

    PAranormal romance is so much more than normal romance. It can go a step further and give us that much more. I enjoy the new and fresh ways of looking at things as well

  4. sandrasookoo says:

    I love to read and write it because it gives the ordinary in life an edge and I can add spooky, weird elements to writing that enhances the story. In fact, the WIP I’m doing is a historical with paranormal elements. I’m excited to get it finished 🙂 Paranormal is great because it always makes the reader wonder “could that really happen?”

  5. Dawn McClure says:

    When I think of paranormal, this sentence comes to mind – “My hero can kick your hero’s ass.”


    I forget which paranormal author said that, but I crack up every time I think of it.


  6. Paranormal can literally add magic to romance. I think you can use historical-type uber-macho male characters in a modern setting and have them appear to be acceptable, as long as it has a paranormal slant. (Besides, paranormal heroes are usually so supportive of a woman’s right to do whatever she wants to do!)

    It also offers a possibility of laughing at or maybe with the modern world. This is one crazy place we live in, and the paranormal can provide even more craziness and bring it all into focus. Perhaps that’s why the paranormal romances I like most have a lot of comedy elements in them.

  7. Chris says:

    I love that paranormals are unlikely to leave me feeling sorry for myself like some contemporary romances do! 🙂

  8. Suzanne Rock says:

    When I read for fun, I need to be swept away to another time and place. i think that’s why I have a hard time with a lot of contemporaries. They seem too real to me, LOL. I love the magical aspect of paranromals,, the life or death situations. Dawn, I had to laugh at your “My hero can kick your heros but” comment. That’s really good – and true in a lot of cases. 🙂 I love the strong heroine who isn’t afraid to fight for what she wants. The sense of adventure and discovering the unknown.

    Most of all, I love the worldbuilding. I love, love, love creative characters and complex worlds….

  9. Bonnie H says:

    In paranormal romance, anything can happen – I love that. And angels and vampires etc are so damn sexy.
    I love this blog and group because it feels like a family or group of close friends, and I love the covers y’all post. In addition to the cool interviews. Thanks ladies!!!

  10. Robyn Bski says:

    I love paranormal romance. I’m pagan, and I often joke that my normal is paranormal. 😉 I think that paranormal is more diverse and in some ways more creative than other romance genres, because each setting needs so much world building.

    I love this blog, but my wallet doesn’t love it, because I’ve bought so many new books! They’re all awesome though, and I look forward to each new post.

  11. Beverly G says:

    good question i have a love for the super natural for all things taht humans think dont exist add love and romance and its just awesome and i love the interviews and contests on here as well as the aweosme ladies who run it

  12. Such great comments to wake up to this morning! Thank you guys for all the good things you had to say about EtS. We’re having a lot of fun with it so it’s wonderful to hear that folks are enjoying what we do. I hear you about the wallet though, Robyn! Clash of the Covers is threatening to break my bank. LOL

    Like Suzanne said, I love the extra intense way that paranormal takes me away from my everyday worries. And, like Dawn said, the heroes are so strong. Often I think that fans of historical romance segue into contemporary paranormal with ease because of the super manly alpha males. No matter how strong a contemporary hero is I always feel as if he’s held back somewhat by having to be politically correct.

    I love that paranormal romance isn’t pc.

  13. Congratulations, Debby! You’re the winner of our “thank you” contest. All you have to do to claim your prizes is e-mail me at

  14. hotcha1 says:



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