Clash of the Covers 07-27-09

It’s that time again..the Cover Clash. First, let’s congratulate the winner of last week’s contest. And the thorn goes to…


Meg Allison for “Dream Walk” – Congrats Meg, you’ve won the thorn!





 Now let’s get to this week’s contest…


Barbara’s Pick:


Barbara says: What a gorgeous taste of tropical goodness.  I can almost hear the waves! I love the expression on her face and the mysterious men in the background. But the clencher is the golden glow of sunset on the wave and the starry sky. Absolutely beautiful!


Suzanne’s Pick


What Suzanne says: I’ve been eyeing this cover for a while. Those of you who knw me know that historicals are a second love of mine. I think the historical setting is what first drew me to this cover. Then again, I love how the color of her dress ties into the title, and how it seems like we’re looking in on an intimate moment between the hero and heroine. Whatever the reason, this cover lead me to buy this erotic historical and you really can’t ask for more than that. 😉


Dawn’s Pick:



What Dawn says: I know!  It’s not a male’s ripped chest…but a heaving bosom!  No…I’m not sick.  I just figured I should mix it up a bit.  The colors and the details really caught my eye.  Oh, fine, the heaving bosom isn’t so bad either.  *snort*


Now it’s your turn. Which is your favorite?


8 Responses to “Clash of the Covers 07-27-09”
  1. Kim Knox says:

    Thanks for choosing Dark Host, Dawn. I think I whooped when I saw the finished cover 😀 Anne Cain is a cover-creating goddess 🙂

    My other half now has a T-shirt with this cover on that he wears for work, hehe

  2. I so look forward to The Clash every Monday morning! I’m never disappointed when I see the choices. First off, big congrats to Meg Allison. Dream Walk is fantastic:> Second, it seems like it’s always hard not to vote for every single cover. This week is no exception. So much goodness and only one vote:D

  3. vivianarend says:

    Squueee! It’s up there.

    Thanks Barbara, for picking Tidal Wave for your entry. Angie Waters did a fab job…and everything in there has meaning in the story. How cool is that?

    I love the other covers too… I think cover artists rock!


  4. Natasha A. says:

    Go VIV!!! It is so beautiful!!

  5. I vote for Kim Knox’s Dark Host.

  6. Angie Waters says:

    Just thought I’d drop in to say hi and thanks! Both Dark Host and Lilac are stunning covers.

    Congrats Meg on Dream Walk. Natalie is an outstanding cover artist.

  7. Anna Hackett says:

    I liked all three but Dark Host got my vote. I agree with Dawn, the color and details catch the eye.

    I like Kim’s idea of giving hubbys T-shirts with covers on them (-:

  8. Judy Cox says:

    I like them all. I voted for Tidal Wave. I like all the different items, people, and colors on this one cover!! Great work!!

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