Recently, I lost my virginity. My m/m virginity, that is;)  I read Jill Knowles A Pirate’s Primer…and I loved it.  Ms. Knowles is a fine writer. The plot of PP was believable and riveting. Her characters were well drawn and sympathetic. Her voice seduced my ears and, quite frankly, her pirate, Captain Jaden Fox,  stole my heart.JK_PiratesPrimer_coverlg


I read and write romance because I believe in love.  There’s no greater high than being “taken, tossed and controlled” (Thank you,  Janalee Ruschhaupt at ParaNormalRomance) by an all-consuming ‘ship. I’ve indulged in authors who use homoerotic elements in their work for years. (Anne Rice, Laurel K. Hamilton, Kim Harrison) So it wasn’t a huge leap for me to try a m/m romance.


This just in from the RWA conference: Harlequin Spice is now accepting m/m manuscripts.


To write a m/m or not?  Even in the romance writing community, you can find negativity toward m/m romance.  I hear complaints that m/ms are taking over at erotic publishers.  I hear lots of talk about whether or not the females in ménages and polys are “token”. And, of course, there’s the whole issue of how the world at large feels about BLGT. (Note to self, a rockin’ pen name might not be such a bad idea, after all!)

I also hear that m/m romances are selling like crazy;)


In the end, writers and readers must choose for themselves.   What you enjoy, what characters speak to you, what you’re willing to explore.   Publishers must make sure that they offer variety for readers who for whatever reasons feel m/m is not their cup o’ tea.


As a reader and an author, I’m thrilled that Jaden and Adam got their chance at HEA.  The denouement of A Pirate’s Primer was every bit as fulfilling and magical as any m/f I’ve ever read.

And in romance a fulfilling HEA is what it’s all about, baby!

 Ship out at sea at sunset.

2 Responses to “M/M?”
  1. Suzanne Rock says:

    Great post Barbara! I’ve read a few m/m romances, but haven’t particularly cared for them. Maybe I’m just reading the wrong books? I’ll have to take a closer look at A Pirate’s Primer. There is no denying that there is a market for it. And I think as long as m/m romances are selling well, that they will be here to stay. 😉

  2. delitealex says:

    Great post. Ive read a few m/m romances. I’ve never heard of Jill Knowles but I’ll definitely have to check her out.

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