EtS welcomes Sloan McBride and her Clash of the Covers winner, THE FURY

Sloan3To Vamp or Not to Vamp:


I’ve noticed over the last several months that paranormal shows have been cropping up all over the television, both on cable and local networks.  Now some of them look interesting.  Others, I could never see and it wouldn’t bother me.  Being a paranormal romance author, it interests me to see what kind of ideas are floating around out there.  Personally, I have not read the Stephanie Meyers Twilight series, nor have I seen the movie.  My daughter has not either but all her friends have done both and are gaga over it (age 14).  I was an avid watcher of Blood Ties and would probably like True Blood, but I don’t get HBO and I don’t watch much television anyway.  I read a lot of vampire stories, but my favorite (no offense to those vamp authors) is werewolves.  I just want to hug all those furry creatures in both forms.  Grrrr!!!!


My latest release “The Fury” is Book One in my Time Walker Series.  This book combines those being of mythology with present time and entertains with how the cultures clash and co-exist.  As I develop the world, I have the potential and the material to create shape shifters and vampires.  I would like to pose a curious question to you…how do you feel about vampires?  Are you sick of them or would you like to see more? The Fury


For every posted comment to this blog until August 5, 2009, your name will be put into a drawing to receive a free autographed copy of my book “The Fury.”


Sloan McBride

26 Responses to “EtS welcomes Sloan McBride and her Clash of the Covers winner, THE FURY”
  1. As someone who has always loved vampires, I’m thrilled that a whole new generation of readers and viewers are falling in love with these “creatures of the night”. Tire of them? No. Not me;) Vampires were my first paranormal romance love and they define the genre for me. Their darkness, their angst, their heightened strength and emotions…

    We’re glad to have you as our guest today, Sloan!

  2. Chris says:

    That is a yummy cover! 🙂

    I’m sick of vampire books that are unimaginative or derivative, but books that are creative and well-done? Bring ’em on!

  3. That is a hot cover!

  4. Val Pearson says:

    I haven’t read many books with vampires in them and sat through some of Twilight but I guess I just have to have that perfect plot and OMG, if you threw Channing Tatum in there, I WOULD DEFINITELY be a vampire lover!

  5. Judy Cox says:

    I really like this cover. It has the darkness to it, but not in a bad way. I find it sexy! I, of course, am a lover of vampire books and I enjoy Sloane McBride’s books. I do not believe I would ever say to cease with the vampire books.

  6. Lou Gagliardi says:

    Vampires rock.

    But I must admit other than ‘big name authors’ and Nocturne authors, I haven’t read much vampires out there.

  7. Cybercliper says:

    I love vampires and all the different attributes being assigned to today’s remake. So different from the blood sucking, murdering, night stalker of the old days. Today’s vamp is our dark and tortured hero. But….I do have a secret love for sexy shape shifters!! 🙂

  8. Elaine G says:

    I love vampire books.,can never get tired of reading about them.Love the cover.

  9. Robyn Bski says:

    That cover is great. 🙂

    I love vampires, and I hope that paranormal romance sticks around forever. I haven’t loved every vampire book I’ve read, but I keep reading. I have a weakness for angsty heroes and vamps often fit that bill.

  10. Please count me in.

    cindyc725 at gmail dot com

  11. Suzanne Rock says:

    Thanks for stopping by Sloan!

    I, too, love a good vampire story. From what I hear they still sell very well so I think they may be with us for a while yet. 😉

  12. bridget3420 says:

    Love the tat

  13. Anna Hackett says:

    Love the cover and title of your book, Sloan.

    Like Barbara said, I think vampires represent all the great things of the paranormal genre so very well. I still love a good vampire story, especially when it’s fresh and unique.

  14. Beverly G says:

    I love vampires and i LOVE blood ties except the networks here dont show it so i havent seen any more eppisodes of it i do how ever watch true blood and adore it now my veiw on vamps is they are awesome im not a fan of the twilight series or the movies personally I think they are over hyping them and over shadowing an awesome genera

  15. Yes, I loved Blood Ties as well. I can’t find it anywhere either. I watch episodes on the computer sometimes. I too like the current genre of vampires which is so much different/better than the very old Bela Lagosi days. They are way more sexy and troubled and wanting to do the right thing for a woman…LOL I think we women today like a challenge and we want to help these tortured heroes heal.

    I appreciate everyone’s comments. This is wonderful. My hero in The Fury is an alpha male and tortured. I love torturing them because I know the heroine is going to find a way to help. The tattoo is the time walker symbol. Keep watching for it as I develop these books.

    The potential for the vampires in my books will have come about a bit differently than what you’re used to. I don’t have it all worked out yet and it will be a couple of books down the road, but I still want to get the feel for whether I should take the characters on that journey or do something totally different. I’m anxious to see the different responses.

  16. Pam S says:

    Oh I have to say tht I do love vampires and probably always will :). With that being said I do like that other paranormal beings are coming out of the woodworks and hope even more make appearances in upcoming novels and tv shows. I am a girl who likes variety :D.

  17. Sharon M says:

    I love vampires and the authors that write about them. The worlds and the vamps are fascinating. I say bring them on.

  18. stacey smith says:

    I love vampire I can never have enough of them.I like werewolf’s two almost as much as vampires.have not read your book yet but its on my list to buy.

  19. Sarina says:

    I have to say that vampire romances are my fav. Although a lot of the fangs dont agree with me!

  20. Val Pearson says:

    Outstanding cover! Can’t wait to read.


  21. susan leech says:

    Happy to be a part of this group. I am recently retired and seeking new authors and new books to fill my spare hours and this is how I found you all. I am looking forward to being a part of the fun here. I have a reader’s group of 6 ladies and I am the only one with a computer so now I am lining up new book ideas for all of us. I was at one time nothing but a romance reader but have really expanded since then and love the changed me. I enter lots of contests with hopes to be lucky some harm in trying anyways. susan L.

  22. susan leech says:

    THE FURY looks awesome and I know we are not to tell a book by it’s cover but I still do and very seldom disappointed. susan L.

  23. Emily ~ elove says:

    Hi All.
    THE FURY has a fabulous cover. Eye-catching. The premise sounds great too.
    While vampires aren’t an auto-read for me, if the story is nicely done, I love a vamp (or a werewolf, or a demon. Ah, or a merman. You know how it is… (-:). It’s not so much about the content as how wrapped up I get in the story.

  24. Sharon M says:

    I love the Sookie Stackhouse books and I like True Blood. Surprisingly enough, my son started waching the series. I love the various incarnations of vampires and the various ways the writers protray them.
    Don’t Stop.

  25. I really want to thank you all for your wonderful comments. I guess when the time comes, I’ll be taking the Vampire road. As promised, I entered everyone’s name in a drawing and the winner is Sarina. If you will please e-mail me at so I can get your information, I will mail you an autographed copy of The Fury.

    Again, thank you everyone for your participation. Please stop by my website to see what’s going on with me and join my newsletter where you can be entered into a monthly drawing.

    Sloan McBride

  26. Congratulations, Sarina!

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