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Rae, nicknamed Sunshine by her stepfather, is the baker at her family’s coffeehouse. She’s happy getting up at 4 am to make cinnamon rolls for the breakfast rush, and dealing with people and food all day. But one evening she needed somewhere she could be alone for a little while, and there hadn’t been any trouble out at the lake for years.
    She never thought of vampires.
    Until they found her.

When I say that this is my favorite vampire romance/urban fantasy of all time, you have to take into account how much I adore the genre.  I’m addicted to vampires.  From the dangerous & glamorous Eric in The Southern Vampire Series to my own deadly & sexy cowboy, Dillon, I have rarely met a vampire I didn’t love.

Robin McKinley’s vampire hero stands out in a crowd.

Ms.  McKinley manages to do what so many writers fail to do and that’s love the monster.  In SUNSHINE, the vampire is not defanged.  Constantine is frightening, dangerous and definitely not human.  Trapped alone in a dark room with him, you would probably be very, very afraid…which makes his actions toward the heroine all that more appealing.  At its heart, SUNSHINE touches on some of the same themes found in Beauty and the Beast.  This shouldn’t come as a surprise since Ms. McKinley is well-known for her re-telling of classic fairytales. (In the tradition of The Brother’s Grimm…there’s nothing even slightly Walt Disney about Robin McKinley’s work.) 

There are many authors who write about “vampires”, but their creations are so glossed over and romanticized that the fangs may as well be cosmetic caps.

SUNSHINE is a vampire romance that remembers to include the bite. 

For a free excerpt, visit Robin McKinley’s website:


4 Responses to “Recommended Read”
  1. Cybercliper says:

    Wow, I need to dig this one out of the TBR pile. I’ve had it for ages and haven’t gotten around to reading it yet…

  2. By all means, dig it out and enjoy!

  3. Karen H says:

    I’ve read it in hardback (yes, McKinley is an auto-buy for me), and it’s fabulous. I hope, hope, hope she writes a sequel.

  4. I have the hardback as well, but I loved the new paperback cover so much that I had to have it. (I did give the hardback to my sister so I wouldn’t feel like a complete wanton! )

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