Welcome, Rae Lori and her Ashen Twilight series…

 Upon_a_Tide_of_Wintry_Morn-2-269x384A big thanks to Barbara for letting me stop by at Embrace the Shadows blog. Earlier this year Barbara tossed me a release party for the first in my series A Kiss of Ashen Twilight and I had such a blast sharing the news. Since then I’ve been on a whirlwind writing and promoting tour sharing news of each release and having fun writing them. I’ve always loved paranormals since I discovered scary stories, R.L. Stine and Anne Rice when I was younger. I had always been fascinated by the speculative and I was a huge fan of science fiction, fantasy and (some) horror. Naturally my first short story was an attempt at horror (but didn’t go so well), though as I continued writing I eventually found my voice. With the rise of paranormal romance and urban fantasy, it looked like the perfect time to try out an idea to explore my love for all things fantasy. Vampires and faeries had always been my favorite types of paranormal creatures, so I thought why not put the two together?


My Ashen Twilight series focuses around a small community of Nightwalkers, Lycans and Shifter Elves once they collide with the Aziza faeries. The story is at its nature a love story between Regent (sort of like a prince) Jacinus “Jace” Archane and Aziza faerie Ariya as they learn to live and love each other even though they come from different worlds. I loved the idea of mixing dark fantasy (vampires) with light fantasy (this particular mythology of faeries) and seeing how they would get along. Being a fan of both, I don’t think I had ever seen any fantasy or romances that dealt with this kind of pairing mixed with the idea of immortals who are forced out of their hiding after living under mortal eyes for so long. I also tossed in some Scottish and West African mythology in the first novel to give Jace and Ariya a sense of culture. The Aziza mythos is continued in my upcoming book Within the Shadows of Mortals and for the final book in the series Inheritance of Ashes, I’ll be exploring Japanese history and mythology alongside the history of the African Moors.


Although each book has a story that explores each of the house’s origins (the Scottish Archanes, the English Hammonds and the Japanese and African Moor Shifter Elves), Jace and Ariya are the thread which the stories revolve around. Although they have their HEA at the end of A Kiss of Ashen Twilight, there’s still much more to come as they weather new battles and obstacles thrown in their way. Along with responsibilities to leading their own worlds.


I’ve made some in-between stories available for free download to tie into the series which can offer some additional insight. I’ve also updated my website with a running timeline for the events that happen over the course of the stories. Here’s a series reading order:


From the Night, the Prince Rises (free short story download)PrinceCover-192x274

A Kiss of Ashen Twilight (Book 1)

Upon a Tide of Wintry Morn (free short download)

Within the Shadows of Mortals (Book 2)

Inheritance of Ashes (Book 3)


The new flash enhanced Ashen Twilight series section is now available here.


If you’re a vampire and/or history aficionado, be sure to keep an eye out for appearances by Romanian Prince Vlad Tepes III (the real life inspiration for Bram Stoker’s Dracula), and a character allusion to the author of the first recorded vampire story in history (John Polidori). I’ve also dived into the mythology of the Aziza Faeries based on the culture of the Fon people in West Africa from where they came. Back when it was known as Dahomey (now Benin), the entire military regiment made up women. Western historians called them the Dahomey Amazons since they reminded them of the semi-mythical Amazons of ancient Anatolia and Greek mythology. This was too interesting to pass up so I incorporated this fact in my Aziza mythology along with some other additions to make the world come alive. I’ll be adding some more information on my website but you can check there now for some behind the scenes information on the family names and mythology within the series.


AKoAT_Cover_-_Hi-Res-192x275Recently I finished the second book in the series and I’m taking a mini break before diving into book 3. I’m going to miss these characters and their stories but for now I’ll enjoy writing about them as I create their world and I hope you enjoy the journey of Ariya and Jace as well. 🙂



Rae Lori






4 Responses to “Welcome, Rae Lori and her Ashen Twilight series…”
  1. sandrasookoo says:

    Congrats Rae! I’m behind in my reading but all of your stuff is on my list 🙂

  2. Rae Lori says:

    Thanks Sandi! I completely understand as my TBR pile is tipping and swaying as we speak Lol. Hope you enjoy the reads though! 🙂

  3. I love your website, Rae. It’s awesome. I love that you offer the free short story downloads. Very, very nice!

  4. Rae Lori says:

    Thanks Barbara! The rehaul took a while but it was worth it once I got everything up!

    Oh, it’s my pleasure! I enjoy writing the shorts (they keep me on my toes story-wise) and they’re fun to write as an addition to the bigger books. 🙂

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