Clash of the Covers 08/24/09

Wow, we have some beautiful covers this week for the clash! I’m really excite. But first, I want to announce last week’s winner…


And the Thorn goes to…


Ciar Cullen for “The Egyptian Demon’s Keeper”!

Congratulations! You win the Thorn! YAY!



thorn COTC


And now for this week’s contest…


Barbara’s Pick:


What Barbara says: This is hands down my favorite Nocturne cover of all.  It’s sexy and tender and yet ethereal as well.  Perfect for the story within its pages.


Suzanne’s Pick:



What Suzanne says: What a great cover! I love how the woman is clawing her nails into the guy’s chest. It’s a perfect depiction of the title. I love the design around the title, too. Great job!


Dawn’s Pick:

dawn pick


What Dawn says: It’s that time again.  Time for another male torso!  When you see a cover like this, you know what you’re going to get without bothering with the blurb – a hot paranormal.


Now it’s your turn. Which cover is your favorite??



14 Responses to “Clash of the Covers 08/24/09”
  1. Dawn! Hands down, the best torso so far:> I love it. And, Suzanne, your pick is fierce this week. I always love seeing what you ladies have chosen.

    Of course, Enemy Lover is my fav, but they all rock;)

  2. Rae Lori says:

    Congratulations to Nat and Ciar! That was fun to be up there with such great covers!

    This week is a hard choice. They’re all so striking! 😀


  3. Jessica Lee says:

    Wow, what fierce competiton! How exciting to have my cover go up such beautiful artwork. I’d like to give a shout out to Anne Cain who designed the cover for Desire to Die For. I was truly blessed with such a talented artist for my debut release.
    Tough choices this week. I can see why Barbara picked the Nocturne cover, such elegance. And Suzanne’s, yeah very primal. Love it.
    But hey, what’s not to love about a hot, muscled guy with scars on his chest ready to die for Desire? LOL

  4. Ciar Cullen says:

    Thanks to Nat for a great cover (and Rae, I am definitely going to buy your book!).

    This week, I think I’m going with the Nocturne. It does have an ephemeral quality that I really like.

  5. This is a great book.I advice folks to buy this book.

  6. I’ve read Desire to Die For and it’s great! The cover is gorgeous & the author’s a dear friend of mine. Good luck Jessica! If you love vampires, then this book’s for you!

  7. Congratulations, Ciar!!

    This week, I picked Desire to Die For. The tattoed biceps does it for me. Yum!

  8. Patricia K says:

    I picked Enemy Lover

  9. Annette Hill says:

    Desire to Die For…. 3 words… HOT, HOT, HOT! May I please take him home? If not the real thing, then I’ll settle for the picture. This book is a MUST read!

  10. Wow!, they’re all beautiful. However, I definitely have to for DESIRE TO DIE FOR. That man is calling to me.

  11. elove says:

    Another tough one, but Enemy Lover is soooo pretty!

  12. I hate to say it, but I’ve seen far too many sweaty torso covers lately to find one that stands out from the crowd. I’ve been spoiled! Though I thought the art for “The Egyptian Demon’s Keeper” was outstanding, the placement of the typography really detracted from its ambiance. It looks like the guy’s staring at the title instead of at something mysterious that would compel me to buy the book. That left “Enemy Lover,” which I thought had a very nice color palette and rhythm to it. It looks like a classy, moody read.

  13. And oops, I read the entries wrong. I wouldn’t have voted for “Edge of Hunger” because the cover is divided up into two equal halves, making for an undramatic composition. Why would a designer do that?

  14. Pam S says:

    They are all very nice but I like Desire to Die for Best :).

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