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 I’m often asked how I would cast the movie version of SKYKEEPERS, which is the third book in a sexy series about a group of magic-wielding warriors, called Nightkeepers, who must fight the demon creatures of the underworld to prevent the annihilation of mankind on the December 21, 2012 doomsday hinted at by the ancient Mayan calendar. Pyramid at dusk

First off, I’d far rather see it be a TV series than a movie. The interwoven storylines, intricate mythology and constantly developing arcs would be tough (imho) to pull off in a two-hour format, but would lend themselves to a (new) Battlestar Galactica-like gritty, character-driven TV series. With more sex. And, as was done in BSG with a few exceptions, I wouldn’t necessarily look to cast known faces in the roles. BSG

 Instead, I would look for non-headliner actors who evoke the various Nightkeepers, who are larger than life, sexy, charismatic and tough, with a warrior’s edge and an adrenaline junkie’s lust for adventure. But that isn’t to say that I don’t have a few faces in mind, or some pictures in my head when I write. For example, the Nightkeepers’ king, Strike, is (a taller version of) Oded Fehr. Oded_Fehr in Mummy




Wes StudiMeanwhile, Red-Boar is Wes Studi, and his son, Rabbit, is early Eminem. Trust me … it works just fine in my head!  To me, though, one of the best parts of reading a book (versus watching the story on the big or Eminemlittle screen) is that it gives us the opportunity to let the author paint the characters in our heads … and then adjust them slightly to our own personal preferences. So let’s talk casting call! If you’ve read one or more of the Keepers books, who do you envision as your favorite (or least fave) characters? If not, who are some of your favorite actor-character picks from other stories? One random poster will win a signed copy of either Nightkeepers or Dawnkeepers (the first two books in the series)… and remember, Skykeepers is in stores now! For more info on the Keepers books, please check out http://www.JessicaAndersen.com. To read an excerpt from Skykeepers, go to http://www.jessicaandersen.com/extras/skykeepers-exerpt/.

28 Responses to “Welcome Jessica Andersen…”
  1. Welcome to EtS today, Jessica! We’re so happy to have you as our guest. Skykeepers is so gorgeous. You were certainly blessed by the cover gods;> I can imagine the actors you picked as the characters you described. (btw, Oded Fehr? <>)

  2. Dalton Diaz says:

    OMG, yes! I can totally see Eminem as Rabbit! And Oded Fehr – yum! Barbara, if you question Oded after seeing the Mummy, watch Deuce Bigelow, Male Gigolo. You’ll know the scene when you see it!

  3. Liz says:

    I would LOVE to see Oded as Strike! Get his agent on the phone!! *cough* Sorry, I’ve been watching too much ‘Entourage’. 🙂 It is fun casting in your head isn’t it?

    Please pass on me for contest. I just wanted to come over here and support Doc Jess!

    If you haven’t read Skykeepers, don’t miss it!

  4. Jessica Lee says:

    I love the sound of your story, Jessica! I haven’t read your series yet, but I look forward to a chance when I can get my hands on one of them. Whoever the model is on your cover looks mighty yummy to me for whatever role you wish to place him in I’d be tuning in. LOL
    My favorite character, not necessarily a romance character, but one who I feels does a fantastic job in his role, is Vin Diesel as Riddick. Good Lord, I wish I had some scary creatures he could come save me from. *G*

  5. Barbara- Hi, and thanks so much for having me as a guest Shadow! And yes, the cover gods have been *very* kind– when it came time to talk about the art for Skykeepers, I said something along the lines of ‘Michael is the most sensual of the heroes so far, so feel free to heat things up!’ And boy, did they!! LOL

    DD- Woo hoo– I know *exactly* the scene. Yum.

    Liz- Hey lady! Thanks for the shout-out 🙂

    Jessica L– Ooh, Vin as Riddick. I’m soooo there with you. In fact, there’s a character in this series who’s had maybe five minutes of screen time so far, but will be showing up again soon, who is totally Vin. In fact, that’s who I’ve got in my ‘scrapbook of visuals’ for these characters. I like your taste!!

  6. Bonnie H says:

    Awesome!! I have Nightkeeper’s on my TBR shelf, now I’m definitely bumping it up a few LOL
    Thanks for sharing with us Jessica, and I just think the whole idea behind the series is so unique and original 😀

  7. Pam S says:

    Great post ladies ;)! – ty for sharing today Jessica!

    I am trying to collect these and read in order , look so awesome and I can’t wait to begin the series.

  8. Suzanne Rock says:

    Hi Jess!

    Thanks so much for stopping by. I have all the the finalprophecy books. The first 2 are autographed (no-I’m not sharing! 🙂 ) One of the things I like most about paranormals is the rich worldbilding. This series has GREAT worldbuilding. And I can totally see the the actors as the characters in your books! (Er, can I keep Oded Fehr? :p)

    Bonnie – I hear you about the TBR pile. My hubby pointed out the other day that if I was to read 1 book a day over the next 3 months, I STILL wouldn’t finish my print TBR pile. :/ I’m officially banned from buying books until I can get through some of them. 😦 He just doesn’t get it….but I figured out a way around it. If I buy ebooks, he’ll never know and they won’t fill up the basement. hehe

  9. Bonnie H says:

    Exactly!! See, sometimes ignorance IS bliss 😀

  10. Grace Conley says:

    Hi Jessica,

    I loved the fantasy casting list — I can completely see early Eminem as Rabbit! And Oded Fehr as Strike….wow.

    I’m curious to know who you would cast as Leah. When I read Nightkeepers, I kept picturing Hilary Swank — she’s tough and strong….but empathetic and plucky.

    Good luck with Skykeepers — what a beautiful cover! 🙂

  11. Dawn McClure says:


    I have to admit, I haven’t read this series yet, but I’ll be fixing that shortly. 🙂 The series sounds amazing!

  12. Vin and Oded…definite inspirations!!

  13. Fallon Glenn says:

    I love your vision of the young Eminem as a character. I can’t wait to get my hands on the series to see how that unfolds. It’s unexpected and intriguing. The best kind of anticipation! 😀

  14. Bonnie- Thanks! I hope you love the series (and picturing the cast) when it gets to the top of the pile!

    Pam S- While they’re designed to be stand-alones, I do think that the continuing storylines (Rabbit, Anna, etc.) make much more sense in order. Here’s hoping they meet your expectations!

    Suzanne- HI! (waves) LOL- I love your e-book theory. There’s a way around the hub’s comments about the TBR pile!

    Grace- Innnteresting (on Hilary Swank). I kind of like that casting for Leah! In my ‘images’ scrapbook, I don’t have any one actress for Leah– it’s more a collection of cutouts from various magazine ads that have the right ‘attitude’, yanno? With Leah, it’s all about the attitude. But if we’re doing the movie/TV version, I’m liking your instincts 🙂

    Dawn– Ditto on the Vin-sigh 🙂 I hope you’ll check out the books- they’re a ton of fun (in my humble opinion- lol)

  15. sherry strode says:

    I’ve bought the first two books but haven’t read the yet. I plan on reading them as soon as I get a chance.

  16. Lami says:

    For some reason I see Rachel Leigh Cook as Jade….I have no reason why. And Emily Blunt (with dark hair) as Anna.

    I also see Gerald Butler….not as any character but just because I like looking at him LOL.

  17. Cherie Michalec says:

    Hi Jessica!

    I haven’t read the first two books yet, but would still love to win a copy of Skykeepers! Congratulations on this awesome series!

  18. Susan Lathen says:

    Jessica i ENJOYED your interview today and agree that a television series would be vastly enjoyed by a TV generation than a simple movie. This way you could make modifications that you have thought of since the publication of your books. Unfortunately I have not gotten to the top of the request list at the library yet. But since you seek suggestions for actors may I add to your list Adrian Paul (The Highlander) who has already proved himself to be an ideal warrier.

  19. Sarina says:

    Hi Jessica, all I have to say is that the series sounds absolutely amazing! I so have to get the books. Do you have to read them in any specific order?

  20. Martha Lawson says:

    I like the first two characters! But definitely not Eminen as anything! I would really like to read these books. They sound amazing!!

  21. Donna S says:

    Thanks for sharing, looks like a really interesting series.

  22. Cheri Oggy says:

    Wow, these stories sound so intriguing; I’ve just discovered you and I can’t wait to start on the series!

  23. Mitzi Hinkey says:

    I haven’t read this series yet, but I have it on my wish list. They sound great!!!

    Love the cover!!!

  24. Beverly G says:

    i love when authors cast characters to play the tv or movie version of their books i have yet to read your work jess but would love to please count me in if its not to late welcome to ETS btw i love this blog lerkinga nd reaidnga ll the juicy tidbits

  25. Susan says:

    I think Taylor Lautner would be a good Rabbit. I like how you chose Wes Studi for Red Boar. I thinks he’s great, but he doesn’t seem to get cast much. Lou Diamond Phillips would also make a good Red Boar.

  26. Neringa says:

    I have read the first “keeper” and am halfway through Dawn keepers and will definitely read SKY KEEPERS. I have visited Chitchen Itza and yes, there is a mystical magic to the area which is captured incredibly and beautifully in Jessica’s books… And the characters, well, drool, drool… Jess, your casting is perfect.

    Do yourself a favor and read them.

  27. stacey smith says:

    I haven’t read your series yet but looks good .it would have to be a tall dark and handsome actor I’m shur to play the lead role.even if I have not read your book yet you got to love the tall dark hair males.

  28. Ree says:

    I love the series….!! I pictured Hugh Jackman as Michael….Matthew McConaughey as Sven…. and David Boreanaz as Stike…. I am not sure about the ladies yet but I kept picturing Jen Lopez for Leah….
    Eminem as Rabbit is perfect!!! I could never really get a clear picture of him….
    Cant wait for DemonKeepers!!

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