Clash of the Covers 08/31/09

It’s Monday… do you know what that means? Do ya? :p

It’s another installment of Clash of the Covers!!

So first, let’s announce last week’s winner:

And the thorn goes to…

 dawn pick


thorn COTC


Now for this week’s competition…


Barbara’s Pick:


Barbara says: I saw this cover and I thought one single thought vicious and quick:  YES!  After a little time to slow my heatbeat and recover I was able to add a bit more: HELL YES!


Suzanne’s Pick:



What Suzanne says: I’ve been looking for a good futuristic and this one caught my eye. I love the use of color here. The purples are amazing! It really gives the who cover a mystical feel. I like the use of shadow and the lines across his back, too. It really draws me in. Great job!

Dawn’s Pick:


What Dawn says:  Okay, this has to be THE hottest cover I’ve ever picked.  I’m a huge fan of Joey W. Hills.  I’m such a fangirl I’d likely stammer if I ever met her in person.  Her books are unique, as are her covers.  This cover is one of her best, in my opinion.


Now it’s your turn… Which one is your favorite?



Are you an author with a a new release coming up? Do you have a book cover that you just know will win the next cover clash? Then email me at suzannerock[at]ymail[dot]com. YOU could be in our next Cover Clash!

7 Responses to “Clash of the Covers 08/31/09”
  1. Jessica Lee says:

    Thank you, Embrace the Shadows for hosting my cover in your Cover Clash. Yay! I’m SO excited to have won! This was a lot of fun. 🙂

    This week, my heart belongs to Rhevenge. JR Ward’s cover for Lover Avenged with those Amethyst eyes…*sigh* Can’t resist.

  2. Chandra Ryan says:

    They were all great. You girls know where all the hot covers are 🙂 But, since I had to pick one, I went with Lovers Avenged. I loved the intensity of his expression. Hell Yes!

  3. Joey W. Hill says:

    Dawn, I’m so flattered you and ETS nominated mine – Don Sipley has done (and continues to do) some absolutely outstanding cover art work for my stories, and this cover took me right to the scene where Danny (my female vampire) and Dev (the Australian bushman who eventually becomes her servant) are trapped in a cave in the blistering Western Australia desert region. She’s delirious with bloodlust due to exposure to the sun, and wants to drain him dry – one slow sip at a time. (laughter)

    But if VC doesn’t win, I don’t think Danny and Dev will be offended – those other two covers are some outstanding competition.

  4. Dara England says:

    I like ‘Beyond the Rain’ by Jess Granger. 🙂

  5. klarakline says:

    The cover of ‘Beyond The Rain’ would have me drooling and fondling until I purchased the book.

  6. They are all so fantastic. Sometimes it’s hard to choose even when my own pick is one of the choices. That’s when you know it’s a good Clash!

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