Clash of the Covers 09/14/09

Happy Monday! We here at the shadows have a very busy fall. Not only will we be adding a first sale column to our weekly routine (Saturdays), but we have updated the sidebar. Take a moment now to look over at the right hand panel. You’ll see Barbara’s new release, Awakening the Beast, which will be coming out in PRINT in October. ( I’m so proud of her!) This is an anthology featuring her work “Wilderness” along with other fabulous stories by fellow Nocturne authors. Check it out! She also has Hunger going into PRINT in January. We’ll give you more information on that when it gets closer to the date.


Second, I (Suzanne) finally got a cover for my new December release, Up on the Housetop. This novella will be a part of Loose Id’s Christmas theme series. The blurb can be found on my website HERE. (Scroll down to the coming soon section.)


And finally, in addition to Asmodeous coming out in PRINT in November from Samhain, Dawn also will have a new release coming soon from Liquid Silver books, called Samuel.  I can hardly wait until she gets her cover. I’m sure it will be fabulous. (Gosh, I feel like such small potatoes next to these ladies! lol)

 If you keep scrolling down, you’ll find contact information if you want to schedule a guest spot or author interview with us. We love to bring new authors to our readers so don’t be shy!


Thanks for hanging in there and letting me get all of that promo out of my system. LOL. Now…for the Cover Clash!


Last week’s winner was…


Alexis Morgan for her book, Dark Warrior Unbroken! YAY!


clash button


dawn pick


Congratulations on winning the Thorn!


And now for this week’s competition…

Barbara’s pick:


Barbara says: This cover is so sexy and dark.  I’m already thinking about the month of October now that the air has turned cooler so I’m ready for a paranormal romance with a little shiver mixed in with the heat!


Suzanne’s Pick:


Suzanne says: Okay Dawn and Barbara, you can just give up the competition right now. <G> The fire initially drew me in, but seriously – who can resist a guy with a big… sword? hehe. In the words of Barbara… HELL YES!


Dawn’s Pick:


What Dawn Says : The sensual level of this cover is subtle and yet hot at the same time.  It seems to me that the woman is in the position of power here, and I like the change.  Normally the male would be in the dominant position, but this really works.


Okay, now it’s your turn. Which cover is your favorite??


6 Responses to “Clash of the Covers 09/14/09”
  1. Love! Love! Love! Wish I could vote three times. All of these covers grab me in different ways, but they definitely grab me. We did the Clash proud this week, ladies.

  2. Alison Paige says:

    Dawn, Thank you so much for picking the cover of RAVEN as one of your favorites this week!! I really like it too. The colors and the couple give it such a sensual feel. And it’s great that you mentioned about the woman being in the dominant role. In RAVEN it would seem that the man, a demon, holds all the power over his RAVEN huntress. But by the stories end we’re reminded that love can make the strongest man vulnerable and nothing, not even power, matters without the person you love.
    The cover is a perfect fit!! Thanks again!!!
    ~Paige 🙂

  3. Jessica Lee says:

    LOVE the Raven cover! I agree, what a nice change to have the woman on top, pulling him to her. Very sensual and erotic. Great job!!

  4. Michele says:

    I have to agree with Dawn on this week’s pick, because the subtle sensuality of the cover speaks for itself and I love the fact that the woman is on TOP (position of power so to speak! ).

  5. I’m a bit late since I’ve been out of town, but thank you, Suzanne, for picking the cover of WALPURGIS NIGHT. I was thrilled when I saw the cover for this. And it’s right for the book, too. The hero is a big, handsome, brawny, blond Viking and the heroine first sees him standing near a bonfire. The story is set in eleventh century English when the Norse were starting to settle in England and learning to live with the Anglo-Saxon residents already there.

  6. Roxy Harte says:

    Barbara, thank you for picking REAPER, I too love the dark edge, especially with Halloween right around the corner:)

    REAPER, a paranormal romance, released August 31, 2009 at Liquid Silver Press. Link to BUY or READ an excerpt:

    REAPER blurb:
    Born Cynethryth ae Llyn Fawr in seven-twelve ante christum, Kendrah became immortal the day she traded her soul for the cloak of a Reaper. To say that she has seen it all … been there, done that…is a gross understatement. She has been loved and given her heart in return but the price of loving again is too great because everybody dies. Alone and isolated, she begins to believe the Eternal Pit of Darkness might be a better place than another day spent among the soon to be departed. A man reminds her what joy can be found in life.

    Detective Jonathon Taylor of NYPD’s Homicide division is intrigued by a suspect linked to three crime scenes in as many days and he will not rest until he discovers what she is hiding from him. What he doesn’t realize is his discovery may terrify him.

    When Detective Jonathon Taylor is in the wrong place at the wrong time, careening around a curve doing one-twenty on icy roads with his suicidal ex-wife at the wheel, Kendrah is there to cross them over. What will be the price for saving one life?

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