Clash of the Covers 09/28/09

Good morning! Welcome to another installment of the Cover Clash. So let’s ease into our week with some great cover art, shall we? First, let’s announce last week’s winner.


And the Thorn goes to…


“Somewhere my Love” by Beth Trissel! Congratulations!




And now for this week’s competition…


Suzanne’s Pick


What Suzanne says: This book is part of anthology from Total E Bound, and the cover was designed by Anne Cain. This woman, IMHO, makes some of the best covers around. While most paranormals have dark covers, I really enjoy the lighter feel of this one. It depicts the humurous tome of the novella’s blurb. Okay, the male torso is pretty good, too. 🙂


Dawn’s Pick:



What Dawn Says: I saw this cover and started drooling.  I love the way the artist added little touches to bring you in, and focused on what we all desire – the hero.  Full lips, rockin’ abs, an easy stance, the low-cut jeans…what was I talking about?  Oh yeah.  Anyway, the cover has a very provocative feel. <BG>


Barbara’s Pick:


What Barbara says: This cover definitely illustrates the title.  Look at the intensity in his body!  Wow.  I love the way the artist surrounded him with foam and ocean spray.  I also love that it’s extremely sexy, but there’s a hint of emotion on his face. Heat with heart!  That’s what I love:>


Now it’s your turn. Which one is your favorite?


2 Responses to “Clash of the Covers 09/28/09”
  1. Brynna Curry says:

    Cool! Thanks, ladies, for having Earth Enchanted and Jackson Roarke (EE’s dreamy hero) as part of your contest. Renee Rocco created this cover art for my first novel. She couldn’t have gotten closer to my vision. It’s awesome!

  2. Oh, lordy, what a truly difficult choice. I think they’re all hero-splendid. But, I did vote.

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