Angels or Demons?

angel2012A fall from grace.  A quest for redemption.  Whatever brings Angels & Demons onto the pages of a paranormal romance, the reader can be sure of one thing: excitement. 


What can possibly be more intense than the extremes of heaven and hell?


Romance writers regularly deal in those extremes whether they realize it or not.  Hell on earth is that black  moment when it seems that all hope of an HEA is lost.  And, of course, let’s not forget the heaven our characters create every time they’re in each others’ arms!


It’s that intensity—magnified—that draws paranormal romance readers back again and again.  And it’s that intensity that brings such fantastical creations to pulse-pounding life.


This week we’re celebrating Angels & Demons here on EtS.  So, I’d like to know, which do you prefer and why?


I’ll admit, here and now, that I love the idea of the right heroine being able to redeem the irredeemable.  It’s demons for me, definitely.  Even if he’s so bad to the bone that he’s only good to her.  That’s heroic enough for me;>


But, wait…I also love the idea of kick ass heroine who can sully that perfect angel’s wings…in fun and interesting ways of course!


I guess I can’t choose one over the other after all.


How about you?

6 Responses to “Angels or Demons?”
  1. Suzanne Rock says:

    My favorite type of romance is a good redemption story. Demon who becomes heroic for a heroine, a fallen angel coming backk to the fold…it doesn’t matter. It’s something about the journey – the self discovery – that speaks to me.

    Demons or angels – love them both!

  2. Nicole says:

    Hmm.. Can’t decide between either one.

    But am writing about a very moral proud angel who is falling for a stubborn female incubus (she refuses to use the word succubus – :: author eye roll :: )
    will he completely go through the fall for her and will she accept him..

    ahh.. all part of the story. though a yummy demon is always out there to enjoy as well.

  3. Chandra Ryan says:

    It’s a tough call, but I’d have to go with demons. I think it goes back to what you said in the post. Redeem the irredeemable. Even if they aren’t completely redeemed (they might not be working for a charity and taking in lost puppies), I love to see them go against their nature for someone because that person means so much to them.

  4. Lindsey Ekland says:

    I have to say demons right now in that they can be bad but get softer edges with their heroine.

  5. Lou Gagliardi says:

    I like to quote Milton in this case,

    “Mind changed by neither time nor place
    can make a heaven of hell
    and a hell of heaven.”

    That said gimme hell any day. 😉 Demons that are hotter then the pits get me happy.

  6. Deidre says:

    I think that you can’t have one without the other. Also, I try to look for the best in people, so even the demons must have something in their favor. lol


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