Welcome Amanda Vyne and her hot vampire novel, More Than Blood

~One randomly drawn commenter (Must be 18 years old or older) will receive a free copy of MORE THAN BLOOD~


AV_MoreThanBlood_website_iconAn entire week dedicated to the mysterious and often romanticized legend of the vampire at EtS and here I sit, invited to be a part of that. How could I say no?  Especially since legends are the dark corner of writing in which I thrive quite nicely, particularly when those legends involve lips and teeth and necks.  Oh my! That has definitely got to be the holy trinity of literary deliciousness these days. Who doesn’t dream of being a regular donor for the likes of Angel or Spike or Edward or—I tremble—Eric Northman.  Sign me up!

Today’s vamp, all dark and broody, offering eternal devotion and…you know, whatever else the author comes up with is a lure no writer can resist. Or reader for that matter. When I first decided to write my novel it was only meant to be a short story; a fresh approach to a well lusted myth. Being infatuated with most mythology and just about all history, of course, I wanted to go back to the beginning.  So I reached deep into the past and my search just kept getting deeper and deeper and deeper. What I found? The vampire myth didn’t seem to have a beginning.  It spanned not only back into the very heart of civilization but it seemed to stretch across the globe. From ancient Sumerians to modern America.

And that wicked little inner writer said those fateful words, “What if?” What if the reason vampire like lore has existed in some form or another throughout the history of man was because vampires really weren’t the undead at all?  What if they were just another species of human? What if their interactions with humans through time have created the myths so well loved and feared in lore? And the Sanguen were born.

Gabe in More Than Blood is everything a modern day blood sucker should be; intense, sexy, and completely dedicated to his people. Until he meets Kel. Right away he knows she’s it for him, even if it means breaking every law he’s sworn to protect. And Kel…well, let’s just say that vampires aren’t the only myths I found steeped in the past.

 You can learn more about Amanda Vyne’s sexy Sanguen at her website: http://www.amandavyne.com/

You can also find Amanda on Twitter: http://twitter.com/amanda_vyne

Click here for a closer look at MORE THAN BLOOD.  Must be 18 years or older. http://www.loose-id.com/prod-More_than_Blood-1026.aspx

14 Responses to “Welcome Amanda Vyne and her hot vampire novel, More Than Blood”
  1. I’m reading this book this weekend come hell or high water or edits. It looks and sounds fantastic.

  2. Dawn McClure says:

    What if? I love those two words. 😉 Great post. I noticed your book on our cover clash the other day, and it really grabbed my attention. Can’t wait to read it!

  3. Suzanne Rock says:

    I always appreciate talking with someone who loves research as much as I do, lol. I, too, have read extensively on the vampire myths…fascinating stuff. Great post Amanda! The book is in my TBR pile, of course. 🙂 I love how suspenseful your writing is – it really grabs you and doesn’t let go.

    I need to finish my current WIP and get it out the door. Then you better believe I’m going to read your book. I can hardly wait!

  4. Tara Woods says:

    Just went and read the excerpt. Sounds amazing! I can’t wait to read it.

  5. Bonnie H says:

    Oooohh yummmy – must get this book…

  6. Cathy M says:

    Hi Amanda, I love vampire romance stories and the excerpt and trailer has me hooked.

  7. Amanda Vyne says:

    Thank you, ladies. I love it too….but, then again, I may be biased since it is my baby. Enjoy! And by all means, let me know what you think. Who’s story would you like to hear about? I’m absolutely gluttonous when it comes to feedback!


  8. Chandra Ryan says:

    The book looks amazing, Amanda. It’s definitely in my TBR pile.

  9. Linda Henderson says:

    I would definitely like to read this book.

  10. beverly G says:

    this bbok sounds awesome cant wait to read it

  11. I can only say Amanda Vyne rocks hard! Her book is raw and lovely all at the same time…..

  12. Deidre says:

    That’s what I love about vampires. They are all encompassing and far-reaching. They are portrayed in so many ways. I don’t think there’s any other creature that is malleable as the vampire.


  13. Andrea says:

    I love vampires! They are always interesting and hot!

  14. Julie Swaney says:

    I love vampires and all the other paranormals.
    can’t wait to read this one

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