Welcome Jennifer Lyon and her sexy, tormented Witch Hunters

 SoulMagicSoul Magic (October 27th 2009 from Ballantine Books)


I love torturing the heroes in my books. I’m sure this must be a flaw of mine, some deep psychological issue. Maybe I even need therapy. But I can’t afford therapy, nor do I have the patience for it, so instead, I write books and put the heroes, Wing Slayer Witch Hunters, through a lot of torment.

 How much torment?

Well let’s see: First, I cursed them. They were created to protect innocent earth witches while hunting and killing demon witches. But now they must struggle against the craving for the power in witch blood, so much so that some of them give in and kill innocent witches. The cost is losing their souls forever. Second, I make them fall in love with a witch—the very witches that incite the deadly craving for their power-laced blood. The hunter desires her and wants to protect her while at the same time battling an intense craving to kill her for her blood.

That should be enough right?

I’m starting to feel almost guilty at this point. So I decide to give the heroes a break by creating soul mirrors, which are a loophole to the curse. If the hunter can find the witch with the other half of his soul and bond with her, the curse is broken for the two of them. And they live happily ever after… Except that I’m just not that nice (this is my form of personal therapy, remember?).

In SOUL MAGIC, out October 27th, Sutton West realizes pretty fast that Dr. Carla Fisk is his soul mirror. They have an instant attraction, an emotional connection…and a big problem. You see, Carla has a twin sister, Keri, who was murdered and now her soul is trapped in the very knife that killed her. But her twin-bond with Carla is keeping her soul alive (not her body). Carla is desperate to find the knife and free Keri so her soul can go onto Summerland.

So what’s the problem?

Because Keri is connected to Carla, they can’t be sure which witch is Sutton’s soul mirror. Carla, the witch who is alive and who he believes he loves, or Keri, the witch who is dead and her soul trapped in a knife? I really put Sutton through the ringer in this book.

Romantic Times Book Reviews Magazine said of Soul Magic, Readers are in for a roller-coaster ride of danger and emotional drama!

Okay for fun, and a chance to win a signed copy of SOUL MAGIC, what do you all think? Is writing good therapy? What about reading? Or do you have some other form of personal therapy?

Jennifer Lyon always wanted to be a witch. When her witch-powers didn’t materialize, she turned to creating magic in her books. SOUL MAGIC is the second book in an enchanting, passionate and supernatural series. Jen’s also has a super secret alter ego known as Jennifer Apodaca, the author of the award winning Samantha Shaw Mystery Series. Visit Jen at  www.jenniferlyonbooks.com   BloodMagic

30 Responses to “Welcome Jennifer Lyon and her sexy, tormented Witch Hunters”
  1. Oh, I definitely think writing and reading is excellent therapy. I especially love to write, read (or watch) a tough heroine taking on the bad guys. Even though the “bad guys” I face might not be demon witches, it helps me face my demons to follow along as characters I love face theirs!

  2. Eva S says:

    Don’t know about writing, but for me reading is the best therapy in the world! Reading about these dark, gorgeous, tortured heroes makes me forget everything else. And then I can deal with everyday struggle again.

  3. Dawn McClure says:

    Now THAT was a good twist! What a hook. I can’t wait to get my hands on Soul Magic.

    Oh, and to answer your question…there are days I think I need therapy *because* I write. 😉

  4. susan leech says:

    I have in on good standing that writing iS good therapy. When I was depressed and feeling so out of things..my doctor told me to get a book and make an entry each day on my feelings ( good or bad ) and not to let a day pass unless I do this. The therapy is good as you write it and get it out of your mind and makes you feel you shared it with some one..if only a piece of paper. After months of doing this and getting to feel better..I re read alot of what I wrote and was amazed how my feelings went from bad to much better and more positive feelings. susan L. I think you write to enjoy what your books are about and what your readers are looking for. susan L.

  5. Jen Lyon says:

    Barbara, thank you so much for having me on the blog today! It’s a pleasure to be here!

    Isn’t it amazing how reading (and writing) can reinforce our spine a little bit in real life?

  6. Jen Lyon says:

    Eve S, Yes! I so agree! I read through some of the darker times in my life, like when my mom was sick and not going to make it. I sat at the foot of her bed, and when she slept, I read. I needed those moments of escape!

  7. Jen Lyon says:

    Dawn, LOLOL! I had one of those days yesterday! I didn’t find the answer to my plot problem until I was just ready to quit for the day! It’s crazy-making!

    I really hope you enjoy SOUL MAGIC!

  8. Jen Lyon says:

    Susan L, your experience is such a great example, thank you for sharing! I couldn’t have said it better! Writing often validates our feelings and emotions and then allows us to move on from them.

  9. susan leech says:

    Welcome Jennifer to this chat and hope your day is great. I can think of some people I would like to torment and maybe I will write a book just to feel the relief of them being tormented. Don’t I sound nasty. I will torment in a GENTLE WAY..folks who calls you on the phone and wants to sell you things..but will not hang up after you tell them YOU DO NOT WANT IT. Like what part of no don’t they understand!!! SOUL MAGIC sounds sooo good. Happy Halloween. susan L.

  10. Kira Daniels says:

    Hiya, Jen!!! Excellent interview, btw.
    And I don’t even have to tell you I love tortured heros. Pfft! Is there any other kind???? *beg*

    Reading and writing is my therapy. I devoured thousands of books because my life sucked and it was how I dealt with things. And I always read romance–the longer the better.

    When I started writing, I found that you couldn’t buy that kind of therapy. It brings me joy. And so little in life these days is joyful. I haven’t been able to write in a while, and I can tell it. Must. get. back. to. writing. — Er, after I read Soul Magic! 😀

  11. Jen Lyon says:

    Susan Leech, I’m having a great day hanging out here, thanks! Those phone calls are so annoying, and it’s even worse when they come to the door and won’t go away!

  12. Jen Lyon says:

    Hey Kira! Great to see you here! And I do know how you like your heroes dark and tortured!

    I love hearing how reading and writing romances brought you solace during your difficult years.

    I know you’ve got a full plate right now, but having read a small bit of your work, you have, have, HAVE to find time to write! Hang in there, you can do it!

  13. Bonnie H says:

    Hi Jennifer!! *waves* Awesome interview – this series sounds really cool – what a unique concept! Definitely different than the usual paranormal goodies – variety is nice 😀
    And reading, seriously, has saved my life before so I certainly consider it good therapy LOL There are a few books I’ve read that were life-changing, and a handful that literally helped me not commit suicide when I was young. Writing is always a huge release for me, so that falls firmly in the category of therapy too! haha
    Anyway, thanks for sharing about your tortured heroes! Your books are now on my Christmas wish list…

  14. Jen Lyon says:

    Hi there, Bonnie H! Thanks on the unique concept. It took a while to develop, but I loved *almost* every minute of it.

    Wow, your story speaks to the power of books. I sincerely hope you are in a better place now.

    Good luck on that Christmas list!

  15. Bella says:

    Jennifer, congrats on your new release! I think reading is excellent therapy! Just getting lost in someone else’s world, head, relationships can give you a lot of perspective on your own.

    The only thing I’ve ever found that compares: squash. Hitting that little ball over and over and over — that can be very satisfying. And cathartic 😉

    Congrats on the new release! (Trots off to check out book 1).

  16. Jen Lyon says:

    Hi Bella, you know, I think I could get into hitting something over and over like Squash! LOLOL! Sounds like a great stress relief!

  17. Robyn Bski says:

    Oooh, that sounds awesome, will definitely put it on my to buy list.

    Writing is great therapy. My mother bought me a T-shirt that says “Careful or you’ll end up in my novel,” and it’s something I took to heart. I started naming villains after mean people I’ve encountered (first names only), and it’s so satisfying when they’re slain mightily in the story. 😉 Reading is also good therapy, it’s a great escape.

  18. Linda Henderson says:

    I can’t speak to the writing part, but reading has always been my salvation. In my crappy childhood books took me to places where the families were all together and happy. In my twenties books took me out of my divorce problems. And now that I am a lot older books take me to locations that I will never see. Live out adventures that I will never experience. Experience love and romance (what’s that). So yes, I will say that my reading IS my therapy and escape.

  19. Jen Lyon says:

    Robyn, oh I want that t-shirt! What an awesome mom you have! Putting annoying people in books is great therapy! I did that in my Samantha Shaw series (written under my “other” name of Jennifer Apodaca).

  20. Jen Lyon says:

    Linda, sounds like you’ve been reading a long time and found a great escape! I read when I was a kid too, and found it helped me cope. Reading really is great therapy!

  21. Donna S says:

    I am not a writer so I cant say for that. But as a reader, reading is excellent therapy. I read every night to help me unwind and relax and think its a great way to do both those. And if I am upset I can always take a break and escape for a bit in a book until I calm down.

  22. Beverly G says:

    personally i do a little of both reading and writing when things upset me and i need to fix my brain sometimes tho i like to light some scented candles and sit in total silence . I sometimes envy authoer sfor theirwords when i need that theraputic boost i pull out some of my fav soothing authors and it works like a charm

  23. Cybercliper says:

    I have a couple of friends that use writing as therapy. For me though reading has always been my chosen form of therapy – my escape moreso than resolution. And oddly enough, house cleaning! Even my own DH knows if I can straight home from work and start scrubbing away on something to give me space for a bit. I’m able to lose myself in the repeitition of a good scrubbing and then it seems I can figure things out.

  24. Jen Lyon says:

    Donna S, I do the same thing.

  25. Jen Lyon says:

    Beverly G, scented candles are great too!

  26. Jen Lyon says:

    Cyberclipper, I had to laugh–I hate housework but it’s an excellent way for me to work out plot problems, so I do understand!

  27. Terri says:

    I think both writing and reading is good therapy though I’m not a writer!

    I love to read to calm me down when I’m in a mood and it helps me relax and sleep better!

  28. Mitz says:

    Liked the interview Jen, enjoyed hearing how you like to torment your charectors sounds like a good way to get out some frustration…LOL Blood Magic sounds like a really good read I’m going to have to pick up a copy.

  29. Mitz says:

    Checked out your books a little more and Soul Magic sounds great to, can’t wait to read. Love the twist of sexy tormented witches. Best of Luck to you.

  30. And the winner is…Linda Henderson! Linda, if you will e-mail me with your snail mail information, I’ll forward it to Jennifer Lyon.



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