Heros. They come in all sizes.

Well, I thought my first time posting on this blog would be better but my brain isn’t functioning at full capacity due to the head cold from beyond so this will be brief.

I’ve been thinking about heroes this evening.  Why?  It started because I saw a trailer for the upcoming new Disney film the Princess and the Frog.  I think the hero is hot (yes he’s animated).  I can’t help it.  The_Princess_and_the_Frog_2_by_Aristeidis.png

Then, my hubby came home from work bearing dinner and the medicine I asked for.  He had to go to two places in order to find it even though he’s not feeling well himself.  That’s my kinda hero.  And just so you know, he’s your average everyday guy, kinda computer geeky, meek and mild—oh and hair challenged and he snores.  But he’s got a big heart and he’d do anything for me.


Then my thoughts swung around to heroes in books.  Tall.  Lean.  Muscled.  Handsome.  Toothpaste commercial teeth.  Awesome hair.  Well you get the picture.  Why do we do that?  Is it a case of the grass is always greener?  I don’t know.  Books as a way to use fantasy men as an escape?  Might be.

The point here is in both instances, the guy would do anything, go anywhere, might even die for their lady love and that’s what makes them lovable.  Just when you think you’re so frustrated with them you might throw a shoe, they say something sweet or look at you just right and your heart melts.

han01Yeah, we’re suckers, too.

Sexy or scrawny, brainy or brawny, what’s your idea of a real life hero?

18 Responses to “Heros. They come in all sizes.”
  1. Mitz says:

    Well Sandra it’s definitely not scrawny. I prefer sexy a littile rough around the edges so to speak. I miss the Eye candy….

  2. You know what I love, at times, Sandra? When you’re reading a book and the heroine *doesn’t* find the hero instantly perfect. Sure, there’s something about him that won’t quite let her ignore him, but he’s taller, shorter, louder, quieter etc. than she likes. And, then, gradually, as the story progresses, she begins to notice that his eyes gleam in a special way or his clean cut jaw just begs to be kissed or he’s got a way of moving that catches her eye.

    That kind of build up sucks me in every time because it’s so realistic and true-to-life and it perfectly captures that “falling in love” feeling.

    Funny thing is…you can still do this even with a drop dead gorgeous hero…because the heroine can note his gorgeousness, but still note deeper things as their relationship progresses.

    Love it!

  3. Thanks Mitz. Rough around the edges is good.

    Barbara: you’re right. Heroes are all different. It’s what they’ll do in a “what if” circumstance that really fills those shoes 🙂

  4. Suzanne Rock says:

    Ooh Barbara. I totally agree with you. Gena Showalter did a great example of this in a book in her dark underlords series. It’s called “Darkest Kiss” and is about a hero who is scarred horribly – to the point where many people are scared of him. He also smells like flowers – not very manly. But it doesn’t matter to the heroine. She sees through all that and is able to bring out a real keeper. I *love* it when the heroine discovers little things about the hero that make her love him even more. Sigh…

  5. Dawn McClure says:

    I laughed out loud when I read your post, Sandra! Why *do* we write perfect heroes? Lately I’ve read a few books where the heroine had a little more weight on her, or isn’t quite perfect in some way, but I have yet to read about an overweight hero. Now, there are a few heroes who are scarred (My fav being Zsadist), but it only adds to their tortured/dark presence.

    You brought up an interesting topic!

  6. Thanks Dawn. 🙂 It’s not the most exciting blog topic and I promise to be up to speed next time around.

    So, if a woman was married to a “perfect hero” would she look at him in exasperation one night and say “Dang, Frank, can’t you just be normal for once?” LOL

  7. Cybercliper says:

    Love your post!! In our 20 years of marriage, my DH has gotten a little rounder, snores a LOT louder, and instead of being 4 inches shorter than my 6′, I think he’s now 5″ shorter…but he would do ANYTHING for me and I’ve never doubted for one minute that he loves me. Oh, he’s not brawny, he’s not much for shouting or chest thumping, and he’s not a fist fight kinda guy, but I’ve always felt safe. He’s the smartest, funniest guy I know. He’s always put my happiness before everything – his job, friends, family – and I do the same for him. I finished a romance novel the other day and was thinking how other than the long flowing hair and bulging muscles, I have that guy – I’m married to that very same hero and I’m a lucky gal…

  8. Gail Delaney says:

    I don’t like it when the hero is perfect in a book – whether it be perfect in looks, in sexiness, in brains, in whatever. No more than I like the heroine to be perfect. Because we’re people, and it’s even more special when you fall in love with someone who ISN’T perfect.

    Perfect is boring. 🙂

    So, to me, being a hero is about what he does not what he looks like. Does he remember little things about the heroine that makes her feel special? (aka “I remember everything – Pacey Witter/Dawson’s Creek). Does he lay his life on the line for her? Even if he hasn’t gotten her in bed yet? (Often a sticking point in romances these days). Does he just have the ability to make her smile or relax when she needs it? And doe she make her feel like she’s the only woman in the world when he looks at her?

    yeah… that’s a hero.

  9. Liena Ferror says:

    I like my heroes to be brawny and strong but smart too. And have a heart like your husband, Sandi. Being willing to go the extra mile to help his family. Be it in a story or real life. I’m fortunate enough to have a hubby like that. Brawny, strong, and a heart the size of Jupiter when it comes to those he loves.

    I guess being a hero is more who he is rather than what he looks like.

    Excellent post, Sandi!


  10. Sandy says:

    Oh, Sandi, your hubby is a hero in my opinion. Yes, we want to read about heroes that are bigger than life, but the man next to you can be every bit as heroic as any of those characters.

    Good post, Sandi. I hope you get to feeling better.

    The other Sandy

  11. Aww! Sandi, you’re one lucky gal. But I have an idea he’s a lucky guy too!
    Oh, I like my heroes PURRRfect. *grins*

  12. Ashley says:

    Hmmm, interesting, I never even gave it a second thought until you mentioned it. I always see my characters in shadows, so I just write and give the reader the oprotunity to make them who they want. You could make the leading man your husband and you the leading lady, its fun that way and I think more interesting too.

  13. My hubby is my hero. Not drop-dead-gorgeous by any length, but the man inside him makes me feel cherished and I just know I’m everything he would ever want or need! That’s a hero to me, someone who allows a place for love inside his heart and doesn’t hesitate to show it, but in real, concrete ways. Like your man getting you the medicine. It’s not about flowers and diamonds and all that bling (though it doesn’t hurt!).

    True though – why do our heroes look like Greek Gods? I dunno, maybe because we need to fall in love with him before our heroine and before our readers, so he becomes an embodiment of someone ‘easy’ to fall in love with. We cannot discount the physical out of romance, and impressions count.

    Oh dear, I guess I just muddled it all here, didn’t I? Perfect men = great eye and heart candy. Romance is an escape, and that may be what we’re looking for when writing and reading.



  14. Beverly G says:

    Ihave my real life hero he tells me allthe time Heros dont exist and the ones who do let you down. But hes never let me downa nd even when im sick or afraid or just needing a friend hes there to lend his shoulder and his ear.hes an awesome father and friend good to my neices and nephews and even likes my mom he served his country and now he lives to be agood dad and husband id say i have my own real life hero

  15. Well, Sandi, I am a sucker for “Beauty and the Beast” plots, where the hero is flawed, scarred, and disillusioned. I love the outer imperfection which usually hides a heart of gold. Great post!

  16. I love this post Sandra, sorry I’m so late!

    First of all, I have always found animated characters hot, hot, hot! Remember Superfriends (Aquaman & the Native American dude), Thundercats (Liono was hot!), He-Man??

    Anyway I think any man who is willing to go above and beyond for his love is a hero. It doesn’t matter what he looks like although we do have our ideal fantasy men; defined muscle definition on every inch of his bod. I remember when I used to work out at the gym, the muscle bound guys where conceited as hell, and that turned me off. I especially used to hate when they groaned and grunted when lifting, trying to impress us ladies. Ewww They were definitely easy to ignore.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and if you have someone you share a special attraction with, makes your heart skip a beat, puts you on a pedastal and treats you like gold, then that is simply awesome. What more can you ask for, right?

    Yes, sometimes they irk us to no end, but when you think about it, it’s nice having them around. ; )

  17. Thanks so much for the wealth of responses! Glad you all came by 🙂 Just as an update, my hero sorta, kinda passed out last night from a fever and being freaked out that it was probably the flu. But, he’s a bit better this morning lol Give your heroes some humanity and every reader will love them

  18. regrettably with the dead lift form suffers above the 8-10 rep mark so it’s not really a wise choice for high rep work.

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