Cover Clash!

Welcome to another installment of the Cover Clash! We have some great covers this week. First, let’s announce last week’s winner…


And the Thorn goes to….


Within these Stone Walls by Desiree Lee – Congrats Desiree, you won the Thorn!


thorn COTC

  Within These Stone Walls Print Front



Now let’s get to this week’s competition…


Suzanne’s Pick: 



What Suzanne says: I love this cover, but I’m not quite sure what I like more. The colors are hot – literally. I *really* love the name of the story, though. Very creative!


Dawn’s Pick:


What Dawn says:  No words needed.


Amanda’s Pick:


What Amanda says: I’m choosing  the latest cover from my long time fave author, Christine Feehan.   I like the way the character is the focal point and the rest seems to flow out of her.  Not only that but sheexudes this attitude that just epitomizes the hard-boiled heroine.


Now it’s your turn. Which is your favorite?


13 Responses to “Cover Clash!”
  1. Beverly G says:

    man makes it difficult to pick lol i went with dark Slayer simply because well i liked the detail and the girl is pretty

  2. Mitz says:

    I chose Insatiable, love the the cover. Sexy

  3. Dawn McClure says:

    The Better To Eat You With…LOL!! I love it.

  4. What fun!! Aren’t these awesome covers??? Suzanne, thanks for choosing my big bad Wolfe cover!

  5. Suzanne Rock says:

    LOL Dawn, I know. Natasha, you have *the best* title for your book. It really hooked me!

  6. LOL Suzanne – you’ll never look at Grandma and the big bad wolf the same again 🙂

  7. First off…can I just say that the model on the cover of Lauren Dane’s book has my favorite physique? Lean and muscled. There’s something about that build that says “action” to me and not “I can’t do anything but pump iron at the gym”.

    Also, Natasha’s title is great and it goes with her cover perfectly!

    *But* I voted for Dark Slayer;) LOL I love the energy of it and the intensity of the heroine. Sold and sold.

  8. susan leech says:

    Natasha, I voted for your cover and think it looks hot. I see you are in a fast 2nd so wishing you luck. susan L.

  9. susan leech says:

    I also wanted to add . Natasha I love the eyes on the cover as much as the body..I may be strange but eyes always was an interest when it comes to men. ha ha susan L.

  10. Ooh, Susan, his eyes are really intense, aren’t they? Thanks for your vote!

  11. Andrea I says:

    I had to go with Suzanne’s pick and I love the title.

  12. Koko Brown says:

    The Better to Eat You With is just stunning!

  13. Congratulations, Natasha! I just posted you as the winner of this Clash. Be sure to pick up your yummy Thorn in today’s (11.16.09) post;>

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