Do you Vook?

There is no doubt that ebooks are becoming more popular. Yesterday it was announced that Harlequin was opening its own ebook only line and naming Angela James as its executive editor. As we become more and more of a virtual society I think we will see a lot of New York Publishers take on similar approaches.

Simon and Schuster’s imprint Atria, along with Harpercollins imprint, Harperstudio, are partnering to try something completely different. They have just introduced a new e-reading device, called a VOOK.

A what?

This device allows you to read a book and view a video concerning the book without switching to some software viewer. For example, say you are reading a story about someone living in Mexico City. You would be able to click on a link and view pictures of Mexico City, seeing what the character in the novel might have been seeing. You might also be able to view statistics on Mexico City, or view the corner market where the character has lunch. When you’re done reading,  you can talk to other readers through social networking about the book – all on one device.  Interested? More info can be found in this video:

In this video, it’s mentioned that the Vook will revolutionize book reading. I’m not so sure. I love reading because I get to use my imagination. I’m the type of reader who frequently gets irritated over book covers because the hero and heroine are never what I picture them. In my mind I can make the characters and the setting anything I want. Call me old fashioned, but I think clicking on a video might rob me part of my reading experience.

What do you think? Does the Vook interest you? Do you think it will revolutionize book reading, as they suggest? Or do you believe it won’t catch on?

I want to know what you think!

6 Responses to “Do you Vook?”
  1. I agree with you. Part of the pleasure in reading fiction for me is imagining the characters, setting etc. I don’t want my reading experience interupted by a video that will pull me out of the story. I can imagine it would be useful for nonfiction. Reading a travel guide where video excerpts of the places were included would be cool.


  2. When I think about my own reading habits, I realize that when I sit down to read I’m actually *disconnecting* with the world. It’s my time out. It’s my escape. I’m sure I don’t want to get click happy right in the middle of a story.

    As Helen said, it probably would be more useful, to me, in nonfiction.

    Of course, I’m all for the invention because I do think that others might enjoy it. I’ll be very happy though with just a Kindle and the authors’ words:)

  3. Ally says:

    I think it would depend on how selective it is. Do I get to pick when I want to see pictures? Sometimes I will flip to the front cover to see what the characters look like. It would be cool to see more pictures of the setting, etc. But only if I get to pick when.

  4. I want the power to look up the location IF I want more info. I’m with you and dislike specific people on the cover that may color or influence how I see the characters in my mind. Reading is an escape. I don’t want to know the crime rate, etc (as an example) of the locale in the book. Let me be in the fantasy 🙂

  5. Beverly G says:

    oh im sure will be big at first then fade out i my self wont be getting one because im with you on the imagination and such if i want to check out more about a town or a city thats what google and such is for

  6. Suzanne Rock says:

    I think I agree – it might work out better for non-fiction than fiction. Like a cook book for example. But then again…why would you use a Vook when you could use wikipedia or google? Or tape a cooking show? :/ Not sure if this will catch on… I guess time will tell.

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