Fangtastic Friday – Interview with Sandra Sookoo



Please welcome Sandra Sookoo, mutli-published romance author.   

Thanks for having me here!  Before we get down to the nitty gritty of the interview, let me first say that I’m excited to share that my next two releases are both geared to the holidays.  Exiles from Christmas is a short and will release from Lyrical Press, Inc. on November 16th and Not Just Make Believe, a full length humorous contemporary novel, releases December 1st from Desert Breeze Publishing.  Swing on by and pick them up! 

ETS – Wonderful news!  Please tell us a little about yourself. 

Well, I’m 37, been married to my real life hero for almost 7 years, have no kids but am considering the pros and cons of owning a cat.  I call central Indiana home and probably wouldn’t want to live anywhere else (ask me again in the dead of winter LOL)  I’ve loved to read and write for as long as I can remember and don’t anticipate that love to dim any time soon. 

ETS – What inspired you to write romance novels?   

I’d have to say it was the promise of the happily-ever-after.  I’m a sucker for happy endings and books where the guy gets the girl/or girl gets the guy.  Sure, we all know that’s just the beginning of any story but I love to craft tales of two separate forces of nature coming together and learning how to deal with each other.  If they just happen to save the world while doing it, it’s an added bonus for me. 

ETS – The Art of Fang Shui releases in January, 2010.  What can we expect in this story? 

And can I just say right now that I’m extremely excited for this book and all the people who helped make it happen at Eirelander Publishing.  

The Art of Fang Shui features formal, literal Edwin, a bounty hunter who’s also a half-vampire.  In his hunt for a rogue vampire, he stumbles upon a plot by a demon lord to oust the Immortals from the Eight Realms.  Trouble is, he’s also found Hannah, a sort of supernatural Power Enchancer, whose snark and attitude contrast with him.  Because of her unique abilities, the demon lord wants to get his hands on her, too.  Edwin thinks she’s the answer to an old prophecy so he vows to protect her, little knowing how much trouble she’ll get them both into.

 The thing I like about The Art of Fang Shui is that it’s a story of accepting who you are and how you fit into life’s bigger picture.  Being accepted by the man/woman of your dreams is just icing on the cake. 

While reading, be on the lookout for fairies, a goat-man, a libio-driven forest witch, just to name a few.  I guess you can say it’s my world and I’m inviting you to play in it. 😉 

ETS – Nsync or Backstreet Boys? 

Definitely Nsync!  Especially their holiday album.  Hmm, now where did I put that? 

ETS – What is your writing process like?   

I’m a big fan of planning.  I like to jot down a general outline for the book and for a specific chapter if it’s gonna get complicated.  My daily word count is to reach 2500 words.  Sometimes I don’t get there and that’s okay too, as long as I try to write something every day.  Make writing a habit, a routine.  You can’t succeed if you don’t finish a book and won’t finish a book if you don’t write. 

ETS – The title Vegetarian at Midnight really caught my eye.  The line – Can a meat eater and a vegetarian thwart the odds to beat the curse – cracked me up.  Please tell us a little about this story and how you came up with it. 

Actually, the story came about because I left my hunky werewolf hanging at the end of The Art of Fang Shui.  I felt sorry for him and decided to write his story in Vegetarian at Midnight.  He needed a heroine.  So, the only way for him to ditch his curse was to go through her and she happened to be a vegetarian.  It’s my sense of humor that really did that.  I thought it was super funny for a werewolf and a non-meat eater to get together.  To add to the hilarity, he’s allergic to broccoli.  Don’t ask. LOL  Vegetarian at Midnight is a bit darker than the first book and personally, I think my hero Xavier is to die for—maybe the best one I’ve written.  It will release in June 2010, also with Eirelander Publishing. 

ETS – Can you tell us what you’re working on now? 

Right now, I’m writing a sci-fi book.  I’m about 2/3 through at the moment.  After that I’ll write the third paranormal novel, the sequel to Vegetarian at Midnight.  I can’t wait to get started!  Of course, my muse decided to smack me upside the head with an idea for a holiday novella so I’ve got that started as well.  Busy—par for the course with me. 

ETS – If you could shape-shift into anything, what would it be and why? 

As much as I’d love to say something in the feline family, I’m kinda partial to birds.  I think being able to morph into a hawk or eagle and fly would be awesome.  Probably why I’ve got a book ready to write about just that for sometime in 2010. 

ETS – What advice would you give to aspiring writers? 

No matter what anyone says to you or jots on your manuscripts from contests or critique groups, don’t give up.  You may think you’re a crap writer and can’t win for losing—trust me, we’ve all felt (or still feel) exactly like that.  Sure, writing takes talent but it is also a learned craft.  Read, write, learn, fall and get back up.  Repeat this process for as long as it takes, but I promise, you’ll succeed.  It only talks one person to say yes to your work. 

ETS – Thanks so much for taking the time to chat with us! 

Thanks so much for having me!

ETS – You can learn more about Sandra and her books by visiting her website,  or follow her on Facebook.   You can also shoot her an email at

12 Responses to “Fangtastic Friday – Interview with Sandra Sookoo”
  1. Liena Ferror says:


    Excellent interview.

    You’re advice to aspiring authors was great.

    Best of luck on all your future projects!


  2. Dawn McClure says:

    Never leave hunky werewolves hanging! lol And his allergy…lol! I won’t ask, I’ll just get the book. 😉

    The one thing I love in paranormals – or any book, for that matter – is humor. And just from this interview I can tell you don’t disappoint in that aspect. Can’t wait to start reading!

  3. You never stop! I get tired thinking about how much you do. WTG!

  4. Thanks Dawn! I’m mostly a humorous writer. I can’t help adding the funny. Not too long of a wait now 🙂

    Thank J! Probably won’t stop until I’m dead or my hands fall off–and if the later occurs, I’ll just badger someone into typing for me as I dictate LOL That’s how much I love writing 🙂

  5. Sandy says:

    Wonderful interview.

    Sandi, I agree with your advice for aspiring writers.

    Also, I love the idea of using birds for a paranormal. There’s nothing more majestic than the bald-headed eagle. The hawk is definitely a predator. I can see all kinds of birds in your story.

  6. Ashley says:

    Fantastic interview.

    Good luck and congrats with all of the realeases. I can only hope to aspire to be as busy as you are!



  7. Absolutely agree with your advice about it only taking one person to say “yes”! I’m so glad I met you, Sandra. You are a constant (energetic) inspiration:)

  8. Thanks Sandy and Ash for coming by and giving support!

    Thanks Barbara. You make me blush 🙂

  9. Suzanne Rock says:

    GReat interview Dawn!

    Sandi – You sound as busy as I am! I have four projects going on at the moment – no wait a minute – five. All of them are in various stages of completeness. Lol. Ack. I really need to complete something and get it out on submission – don’t you think? lol.

    Like others have said, I love your advice to aspiring writers. It’s so true. All it takes is one ‘yes.’

  10. Thanks Suzanne. Yes, finish something else! 🙂 I’ll encourage anyone just starting out. I wish I’d had that sort of support from others in the community when I needed it beyond CP’s 🙂

  11. Lovely interview!

    And let me tell everyone that your sense of humor definitely comes out in Art of Fang Shui, and ladies, both Edwin and Xavier are to die for!

    Loved your advice – yes, it takes just one to say Yes!!

    Hugs, and keep on rocking!

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