Do we love the paranormal or do we love romance in a paranormal world?

Ah, a lovely question and one I could probably debate at length on any given day.  What about the paranormal lures us in as readers, holds us at the sticking point, keeps us from doing housework?  Now, what about loving in a paranormal world gives us cold shivers, keeps us at the edge of our seats rooting for heros, heroines or villains, or sighing with satisfaction over a job well done?

To me, the point in picking up any book and reading it to the very last word is the lure of the happy ending and this is especially true in the paranormal genre.  Now, obviously, some books don’t have that, especially if they will be drawn out over a series of books. I don’t mind a series, but at least each book in that series needs to have its own happily ever after. Romantic tension is one thing but drawing it out through several books isn’t for me. As a reader, I’ll become bored and my To-Be-Read pile contains enough books to substitute for the frustrating book series.

Yes, it’s happened so be warned, right? LOL

Anyway, to me, the awesomeness that is writing within the paranormal world is the open scope for different facets of romance. I mean, come on, who among us doesn’t love an angst-filled, good looking, hard bodied vampire, werewolf or demon (or insert a new and exciting creature here)  now and then? Especially if their dark and dishy ways can be redeemed by the book’s end. Or if not redeemed then accepted by their significant other.  Up the ante with a set of impossible circumstances or a race to prevent the total destruction of the world, and wham, you’ve got a great vessel to pour a romance in.  It’s a case of dumping a likable duo into an unlikely setting, give someone a unique ability and make them deal with it all while juggling the flaming darts of life and death.

The best line right before chaos would read something like this.  Hero says to heroine:  “So, we’re staring down the barrel of at least fifty laser cannons, there’s a power crazed demon sucking the life out of all other worldly creatures and an asteroid the size of Houston is heading our way?”  Heroine:  “Yup.”  Hero as he cocks his own machine gun and wipes at the trickle of blood on his forehead.  “Bring it on.”

That’s not to say the heroine’s who belong to those rough and tumble heroes aren’t without flaws. Insecurities, fears, concerns, bring me your baggage and I’ll write you in, have you undergo a transformation—internal or external—and sometimes both—but by the end, the journey is very much like a thousand miles.

The reader should be tired, happy, and hopeful at the end.  And actually, so should the writer.  If, at the end of a book, you’re exhausted, you’ve done an excellent job.

Because let’s face it: even though we live in a world where aliens and paranormals are oftentimes indiscernible to the naked (or unperceptive) eye, at the end of the day, we go home to our completely ordinary spouses who only grow horns during PMS or man-o-pause. LOL And we love them, but there’s always the urge to have our eyes dart to the shiny new book or e-reader device sitting on the table nearby.

We want to know, what would happen if…just a little peek at this new dragon hero…how are they gonna get out of this mess…

I’m so glad I’m a writer because I can make up my own reality whenever I want to.

5 Responses to “Do we love the paranormal or do we love romance in a paranormal world?”
  1. I’ve always been a fan of paranormal, science fiction and fantasy because I’m a huge fan of metaphor. I might be too uncomfortable to read about a straight contemporary character’s struggles with addiction to alcohol because my father was an alcoholic, but give me a vampire romance where the characters struggle with thier need for blood and I’m hooked. I love the explore the themes of addiction in a way that squeezes my heart, but entertains rather than depresses. That’s why I love this genre. It’s end of the world, larger than life, but it’s also a step away from the day to day dramas I see around me while still dealing with real emotion and conflict.

    Oh, and the hot heroes. Did I mention the hot heroes?;>

  2. Liena Ferror says:

    As a writer of paranormal romance, I have to say I love it all. I love reading it and writing it. My imagination has always been overactive when it comes to vampires and lycans amongst other paranormal species.

    Great post, Sandi!


  3. Suzanne Rock says:

    I was reading science fiction/paranormal before I was reading romance. Like Barbara, I love the metaphor, but it is even more than that for me. I love rich world-building, where characters are larger-then-life and death is right outside your door. In amidst all of that turmoil, I love the message of hope that the romance aspect brings to the stroy. It tells me that no matter how bad things get, love will prevail and there will be a happy ending.

  4. Sandy says:

    I’m just starting to get into sci-fi and paranormal romance. Largely because my friend T.J. Killion writes the best sci-fi/fantasy books.

    I think like to read something in a different world than their own with a happy ever after. Usually, because their real world is stressful and they need escape.

  5. I love the extra dimensions paranormal has. My parents could never understand my fascination with Charmed, lol! I just want to know that there’s more to this world than just what meets the eye, and paranormal is the way to go for me to quench that fix!

    But love a good romance too, and agree with you – I too need an HEA or HFN even in a series.

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