Crafting your New Year’s Resolution…pantser or plotter?

Alright, it’s that time of year again where you step in front of the mirror, take the cookie between your teeth and use both hands to press your tummy in and think, “I’m gonna lose twenty pounds this year”. Yep, it’s New Year’s resolution time.

And isn’t there just something so alluring about a fresh start? Like a do-over without losing anything you’ve accomplished over the past year.

The start of a new year is like being poised to write a new book…

Everyone approaches it in a different way.  There are your plotters;  those whose resolutions find their way onto a sheet of paper ( or spreadsheet. wink wink ) with prioritized detail for each upcoming chapter in their coming year. For those people, you can almost bet getting better organized ranks in the top ten.   You know I’m right. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

Then you have your people like me…the pantsers.  We New Year’s Revolutionists (no that is not a typo) don’t have a specific path set out before us. We are the fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants types, thus the name.  Yeah, I could use to lose…the pounds, the attitude, the clutter…you know, the usual. Believe me, I’m more than aware of how my story needs to end but I’m more inclined to let the events of the year help decide how I get there.  I’m as reactionary in my life as I am in my writing. Why limit my imagination by what I know now?  Who knows what I will learn tomorrow that may change my goals?

So what kind of New Year’s Resolutionist are you?

One Response to “Crafting your New Year’s Resolution…pantser or plotter?”
  1. As with my writing…I’m a little of both. I have lists, goals, resolutions and dreams, but I’m not opposed to following the winds of fate when they decide to blow in a favorable direction.

    After my busy (um, frantic) 2009, I hoped taking a step back during the holidays would nudge my muse and get her going once more. I was on official vacation for only a day or so before a full-blown idea hit me. So, this new WIP is on the top of my list for 2010!

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