Oy! My kingdom for originality in books.

Here’s the thing.  I got a spiffy new Sony e-reader for Christmas and have been diligently scanning publisher websites and places like Fictionwise to troll for books in order to fill my shiny new toy.

Two things are glaringly obvious in this new world of book buying.  One, there is alto of bad writing out there.  Not bad, exactly, it just needs to be honed by someone who can take the time and give a new writer guidance.  And two, there is a huge lack of originality in books these days.

Book after book of Regency romances, story after story or wolf shifters, time after time of ordinary girl falls in love with too handsome to be real guy.  See where I’m going with this? 🙂  Not that there’s anything inherently wrong with any of the examples I just listed.  In fact, when done correctly and with freshness, they’re great reads.

But where is the freshness?  Where is the unique point of view on the common tale?  Where are the books I’m dying to read?  My point of this blog post?  If you’re an author reading this, sell me on YOUR book.  Tell me why I need to rush right over to your website and buy it, because I will if you can pitch it.  And readers, tell me what YOUR ideal book would be like.  I can’t write it unless you tell me about it 🙂

Oy.  Does this mean my muse will get even more ideas?

In any event, while I have your undivided attention, let me direct you to the blurb from my latest release ANGEL’S MASTER, available now with Liquid Silver Books.  If a historical novella dealing with sexy pirates, high sea adventure, spirited heroines, steamy love scenes and a paranormal twist at the end tickles your fancy, this is the book for you!

The year is 1822 and life on the high seas just became more complicated for Ethan Williams.  He’s a pirate with a conscience, and even though killing and plundering are his way of life, he’s searching for much more—and he’s tired of being alone.

Jacqueline Massey is connected with the American Navy.  It’s her job to trick men into revealing they are indeed pirates.  The guilt she feels about sending them to their doom is equaled only by her longing to be loved.  But Jacqueline has a secret—one that has intertwined her fate with Ethan’s for longer than he’s known.

Can destiny bring together a pirate and an angel during the season of miracles, or will a watery death by Davy Jones locker drown their love?

12 Responses to “Oy! My kingdom for originality in books.”
  1. uninvoked says:

    Well…my story is about a girl with no magic living in an entirely enchanted world. I’m still working on the good writing part though. Get new critiques every day. ^^

  2. I can direct you toward a book I just finished that was completely fresh. Soulless by Gail Carringer. I love the Victorian time period so I’ve read a lot of books set there. I love paranormal romance so…well, you get the picture;> Soulless had completely new twists, a fresh new world and a unique heroine/hero I just adored. Try it out!

    I think when you’re a writer or a fan of a certain genre it’s easy to burn out on the tried and true, but I also think it’s important to recognize why something becomes tried and true…then you can choose to tweak or set it on its ear. lol

    I love unique…to read it and to write it!

  3. Suzanne Rock says:

    Eternal Craving by Nina Bangs. I just finished it and it’s a very unique blend of Mayan mythology, vampire lore, and dinosaur shifters. Yes, you read that right. It works, though. I thought it was really different.

    Shameless plug here…Spyder’s Web is definately different. It contains very unique shifters and a woman with an unusual curse. Very dark, if you liekthat type of stuff. If there is a thing called horror romance, this story would be it.

    Great post Sandi!!

  4. Thanks ladies! I’ll check out the recommendations 🙂

  5. Ashley says:

    Hmm, this is hard because sometimes I say well either you want to read what I wrote or not. LOL!!! I’m simple that way. LOL!!!

    But my newest novella…novel not sure which catagory it falls into (See already off to a bad promo LOL!!) Is an action/suspence. I love a good anti-hero and a A-typical bad ass. What’s the “newness” of this particular character? Um, she’s a WOMAN! Yes she is the hero of the book, she is the one saving the men, blowing crap up and taking names later. Everything men can do, she can do better and well make it look better too LOL!!!! Her name: Ike. Plus it helps that Ike is also my muse. She keeps me on my toes and asks if she can blow crap up to make me feel better. (Isn’t she a great muse?)

    Anyway as to when you can find her, well not sure yet, you’ll have to ask Lee, she’ll know more than I do right about now, but yeah I think you may like it. Oh and title: Murder 4 Hire: The many adventures of Ike the assassin.


  6. Rebecca Rose says:

    Hi Sandra!

    I too have grown weary of the same tale told with different names. The Sony Reader I received for Christmas promised much pleasure and easier reviewing for my busy schedule. Unfortunately, I find myself saying, ‘This went through an editor? Dear Lord!’.

    With that said I will now plug shamelessly:
    Looking for a book that will make you feel with all five senses? Looking for not the everyday heroes but the ones who struggle with real life situations? ‘Divine Turmoil’ will leave you missing the characters when the book is done. But not to worry; it’s a 3 book series!

    Content warning: This title contains strong emotional content and delicious sex. What more could you ask for?

    Together Brian and Serena learn the heart won’t wait for the right moment to fall in love and second chances are divine gifts of forgiveness meant for ourselves as much as each other.

    Becc 🙂

  7. highlandlove says:

    I got a new Sony ereader as well for Christmas and I’ve put the ebooks I already had on the computer on it, and now I’m trying to find other stories for it as well.

    Nice post. I was directed to a place that helps with keeping things organized on an ereader though.

    hope you find some “new” books.

  8. Sandy says:


    Have you read ADDICTION yet? I recommend it and you know where to fine it. Smile! For everyone else here’s the URL: http://www.eirelander-publishig.com/addiction.htm

    I like Ike. What a great help she is. Can you loan her to me now and then. Smile.

  9. You are so right. There are only so many plots out there. It’s nice to find a new twist on an old story from time to time.

    And I do love a sexy pirate!

  10. J. Hali says:

    Fly into the heat with a hot angel! Ramiel doesn’t like little women…he likes his rubenesque lady. And she wasn’t afraid to spike a man in the head! Neither was she afraid to change and try new things. Is there sex–there had to be–love grew in spite of it, and their child will be a blessing to mankind. here’s where you can get a copy: http://www.jasminejade.com/pc-7705-104-hope-in-love.aspx

    I’m done!! Great post, Sandi.

  11. Thanks everyone for dropping by and pitching your books to me! I appreciate that 🙂 And will check out each and every one 🙂

  12. Hi, Sandra,

    Oy, I couldn’t agree with you more. I do a lot of reviews and I get so-so-so tired of reading yet another vampire story, yet another alpha male…!

    I’ll tease you a bit with my latest release, Necessary Madness. It’s M/M paranormal. Kyle has uncontrollable visions of future disasters that he stop. His power is slowly driving him insane. Rob is the cop who saves Kyle’s life and who tries to resist his attraction to the younger man. Throw in a consulting witch, a brutal murder and a modern sorcerer trying to steal the Kyle’s power. The style is realistic contemporary. For more info and an excerpt see my website http://www.lisabetsarai.com!


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