The Long Haul

First things first…congratulations to Amanda Leigh…you’ve won a $20.00 gift certificate and a print copy of HUNGER.  Just send me your snail mail address!                                                               

I’m a big fan of instant gratification.  I like what I like now, NOW, NOW!  It’s one of the reasons I adore my Kindle, coffeehouse drive thrus and the very idea of TiVo.  It’s the main reason I hate catalogs, trying to get a new release from Netflix and voicemail.

When you have to wait over trivial things it can be a big annoyance.  When you have to postpone your passion, it can be crushing.

It’s ironic that someone with my addiction to instant gratification decided to become an author.  (Not that I chose.  I mean, come on, if you’re a writer you know it chooses you;>)  This business is a business of tedious, painstaking work followed by waiting, followed by more waiting, followed by more slow and careful editing…if and when you get lucky.  There’s no instant to be had.  I’ve had a sudden all-consuming brainstorm that took  years to turn into the actual rain of words on the page.  I’ve had completed manuscripts gather dust on shelves and ideas turn dusty before I ever had the time to commit them to flashdrive.

One thing I’ve discovered…I’m in this for the long haul.

In spite of my passion for NOW or maybe because of it, I find myself working hard day after day to reach goal after goal even when I’m faced with roadblocks, intersections and confusing traffic signals. 

This isn’t about reaching the destination of NOW.  Creating stories that readers take to their hearts, breathing life into memorable, dynamic characters, bringing couples together through fiery conflict and insurmountable odds…

…this  is a never ending journey and  I find myself enjoying the ride! 

Hey, come to think of it, care to convoy?


2 Responses to “The Long Haul”
  1. I think we got ourselves a convoy.

    I’ve got myself enough patience to wait for something from Netflix (my queue’s long enough the new releases are no longer the hot item by the time they come up), and I can usually wait to save up for something and order it.

    But waiting for word on my book cover, or on edits, or on a release date….that’s driving me plain nuts. I’m having to work around the instant gratification part.

    It’s kind of strange that the impatient, now now now part doesn’t come into play while I’m actually working on the manuscript. There’s just so much fun, and all the details, and crafting…it takes all the rush away.

    Once I stop, every ounce of need comes right back.

  2. Amanda Leigh says:

    Thank you so much! I can’t wait to get Hunger! Oh, and the gift card!

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