Welcome Mary Alice Pritchard to Fangtastic Friday

Tell us a bit about yourself and your writing background.  What enticed you to write about ghosts and shapeshifters?

I’m 46 years old and live in Mississippi. I love to read just about more than anything. I have seven cats and one dog.  I’ve written off and on since I was in grade school. I enjoyed making up wild stories about myself and still have a vivid imagination.  I first started writing to be published nearly six years ago. I have two books out with The Wild Rose Press and one to be released in July.  I have three short stories out with DCL and one book due out sometime next month.

I love paranormal books and tend to write about what I enjoy reading. The ghost book just sort of happened. I initially wrote it as individual chapters to be a series where one chapter was released a week for a small press.  The shapeshifters are just my most favorite topic.  Especially cats.

Your book, Opposites Attract, has been on DCL’s “top 5” list.  What do you think is so appealing about this story?

I think part of its appeal is that it has a regular cat as the hero. There are very few books/stories out there where you have a normal everyday house cat or domestic dog as a shapeshifter.  I thought it was a neat twist. The other part is the tension between the hero and heroine.  She is a snob when it comes to being a shifter and looks down on the hero for being just a regular house cat.

As a health care professional, does your job influence your writing?

Some.  The book I have coming out with DCL, See How They Die, has a nurse as the heroine but it isn’t centered around her job at all. 

You seem to have an affinity for felines.  Tell us about your cats.

I have seven felines at home.  They each have their own personalities and keep me entertained all the time.  I can easily put words in their mouths when they meow or look at me funny.  Lizzy likes to keep everyone informed on my blog. www.maryalicepritchard.com/blog.  You can always find out what I’m up to there. Little Bit is the old man of the house. He tends to sleep when he isn’t keeping the others in line.  Then there is Dippity Doo.  He lives inside with me and is so spoiled I would swear he is a real child.  I can’t do anything without his approval.

Tell us about any works you have in progress.

Presently I am working on Book Three of Tales of the Cat.  I concerns a cat shifter named Usher.  Jaguar Nights is the first book and is out now at www.amazon.com  Leopard Dreams will be out in July.

I’m also working on two different short stories. One concerns a series of wolf shifter stories.  The other is an erotica cowboy book. 😉

Have you met any of your writing idols?  If so, whom, and if not, who would you like to meet?

I’ve met Laurel K. Hamilton, one of my greatest idols, Sherrilyn Kenyon, J.D. Robb (Nora Roberts) and Christine Feehan.  I’ve also met Carrie Vaughn.  They are all wonderful people and I enjoy listening to them as well as reading their books.

 I hope that everyone will visit my website at www.maryalicepritchard.com

8 Responses to “Welcome Mary Alice Pritchard to Fangtastic Friday”
  1. Pam Seres says:

    Mary, I have never been much of a pet person since growing up in the military we moved so often. You bring such a new insight to cats & romance. DCL enjoys & loves having you part of the fam! xo

  2. Mary Alice says:

    Thanks! I love working with you all. Yes, my cats are a big part of my life. Like I said, they all have different personalities and can be exasperating and heart warming as well. They are a true inspiration to my writing. 🙂

  3. Mary Alice, I positively love your cat heroes. Do you know how many of us are cat ladies? My friend Jack the Cat has his own special place near my computer where he helps me to write. Good luck with your books!

  4. Mary Alice, thanks for joining us today at Embrace the Shadows. I’m more of a canine person myself, but your cats are endearing. I’d have one in a heartbeat, if only I didn’t have a bird. LOL!

    • Mary Alice says:

      Susan, thanks for having me.
      I have one dog, KiKi. She’s a mutt lab. I had a Great Dane who I had to put to sleep at Christmas. I miss her and so does KiKi.
      I think teasing a cat with a bird is not very nice and scaring the bird with a cat isn’t either. LOL I think of Twitty bird and Sylvester.

  5. I love cats and would have more than one if I could. Unfortunately my little chihuahua beagle mix likes them too much. She doesn’t hurt them. She just won’t leave them alone! Constantly follows them around, sniffing and snoodling and generally making a nuisance of herself. Silly girl!

    Your books look wonderful. I’m especially drawn to Opposites Attract. Great cover. Great premise.

    Thank you for visiting EtS!

  6. Mary Alice says:

    I can just see your poor mix pup among my seven cats. They are used to dogs and would worry the heck out of her. LOL They like to sniff and nose around KiKi my dog. She is a lab and she gets this look in her eye like “Mooooom”

    Hope you will read one or all of my stories and books. Let me know what you think.

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