Clash of the Covers 3.15.10

Congratulations to   the winner of last week’s Clash of the Covers.   Definitely a Thorn-worthy cover!  

And now, on to this week’s Clash

What Sandra Sookoo says:  The Summoner by Alisha Steele, pubbed by Lyrical Press, Inc.  What caught my eye was the winged tattoo.  It’s so cool and makes me want to read the book.

What Barbara J. Hancock says: This cover blows me away.  It’s not only eye-catching; it’s hauntingly beautiful. The  pale background provides such perfect contrast to the heroine’s hair and cloak.  Kanaxa is the cover artist.  All I can do is applaud…then buy the book!

What Susan Blexrud says: I’m a big fan of couples on covers, so this one immediately appealed to me.  The slinky panther and the brilliant sky provide a great backdrop for their embrace.   

Take your pick in our quick click poll.  The winner will be announced on Monday, March 22nd.

8 Responses to “Clash of the Covers 3.15.10”
  1. Audra Holtwick says:

    Love the cover of LITTLE RED and THE WOLF- can.t wait to read it!!!!

  2. Kimberley Coover says:

    All the covers are great…but come on …tattoo on the back and a hint of bottom…woo hoo!
    I am anxious to get my hot little hands on all three books

  3. susan leech says:

    All the covers were good and hard to really pin point just one but I had to go for Little Red and the Wolf. I liked the way the figure stood out from the background. susan L.

  4. Maria63303 says:

    Love the cover for Little Red and the Wolf!

  5. Suzanne Rock says:

    What great covers! It’s so hard to choose. I think I’ll have to go with Barbara’s choice. I just love the cover of “Little Red and the Wolf!”

  6. Thanks so much for nominating The Summoner. It was a very nice surprise. I do have a lovely cover – thanks to Renee Rocco – but I have to say that Little Red and the Wolf is simply gorgeous.

    Alisha Steele

  7. Alison Paige says:

    I’m so happy to hear that LITTLE RED AND THE WOLF’s cover was nominated! From the moment I saw it I was amazed by Kanaxa’s work and THRILLED that my story had inspired it!!! Thank you so much for the nomination and the votes. She’s in great company with Jaguar Nights and The Summoner. Wicked sexy back. Awesome tatoo! But that HAD to hurt! LOL
    ~Alison Paige 🙂

  8. Carolan Ivey says:

    All great covers! It’s hard to pick one. 🙂

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