My Vision

I finally got the final cover art for my upcoming release, “Cria,” this weekend. To which I say – YAY! I love book covers. Really. It’s the main reason why I work so hard with Barbara to bring you the Cover Clash each week.

As a writer, I have a vision of how my cover should look. Dark and angsty, strong and passionate, quirky and eclectic… Ideas and possibilities fill my mind as I wait to see how a cover artist interprets my work. Sometimes it’s close, sometimes not, but to date, I’ve never been disappointed with the results (knock on wood, lol).

For me, the cover for “Cria” really encompasses my vision of Luiz and Aleta. They have a long history, filled with ups and downs. Despite their differences, there is a strong mutual attraction that is the undercurrent of everything that they say and do. It’s what drives them together. I feel that the artist depicted this perfectly.

Once I had a book cover, I set out to make a book video. Now, some authors don’t like them, but I really enjoy this aspect of promotion. It’s my “reward” after the manuscript is complete. I will spend hours thinking about how I want it to look, what I want the trailer to say, or what mood I want to create. I love scrolling through artwork and soundtracks to generate the right emotions for the reader.

I worked hard all weekend to generate a book trailer for Cria, and you can see the results below. Let me know what you think!

So tell me, as readers, do book trailers influence your buying decisions? As a writer, do you create book trailers? Do you enjoy them? Or do you think that they aren’t important? Has a book trailer ever disappointed you? Do you have a favorite book trailer?

Tell me about it!

5 Responses to “My Vision”
  1. Barbara says:

    I love creating book trailers! You did a beautiful job with Cria, Suzanne:) For me, they’re also a reward for finishing a book. Trailers allow me to express the moods and themes I’ve been working with in a musical/visual way. It’s fulfilling in a different way and it’s a nice change of pace.

  2. Suzanne Rock says:

    hi Barbara! I really love the book trailers you create – but you know that. 😉 The trailer for Unforgiven is my favorite. It really sets the mood. I can hardly wait to read that book! 🙂

  3. Sharon Manning-Lew says:

    In my opinion, it can be a double edged sword. I like trailers because it allows me to see the authors vision. However, trailers can limit my vision of the characters in the book.

  4. Stephannie Beman says:

    As a reader, I don’t take the time to look at book trailers. I’ve seen some good ones and some bad ones, some that reflect the book perfectly and others don’t do it justice. So I stopped watching them. I prefer to read the summary, the back cover, and the excerpt. If those interest me, I buy the book.

  5. Beverly G says:

    I dont watchmany ok trailors i will if they r on a site im looking at or someone askes me to check out a trailor but it doesnt influance me one way or the other gives me alil more insite but usually the ones i have wtached i already wanted the book

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