Clash of the Covers 3.29.10

Congratulations to Possession by Rosalie Stanton


You’ve won our Clash!


And now for this week’s poll…


 What Sandra Sookoo says:  Three’s A Charm by Sheridon Smythe, pubbed by The Wild Rose Press.  I liked this cover for the hands primarily.  Then when you look deeper and see the crystal ball, it’s so mystically cool


What Susan Blexrud says:  Soulless is the first steampunk novel I read, and I was drawn to this cover because of the parasol, which figures prominently in the book.  The foggy London background works well with the determined set of the heroine’s shoulders.  You know she’s not a pushover.


 What Barbara J. Hancock says:  Carina Press continues to kick it with this cover reveal.  The swirling smoke, the tough and sexy archaeologist heroine and the ominous Mayan ruin in the background…whew.  This is one cover that does its job because I can’t wait to read this story! 


Take your pick in our Quick Click poll. Don’t forget to tell us why it’s your favorite!


One Response to “Clash of the Covers 3.29.10”
  1. Suzanne Rock says:

    Great clash again, ladies! It was a really tough choice this week. They are all so beautiful!

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