Cover Clash 05/17/10

Good morning — and welcome to another installment of the cover clash! First let’s announce last week’s winner, shall we?

And the Thorn goes to….

Stormwalker by Allison James!

Congratulations! You’ve won the thorn!

And now for this week’s competition…

Suzanne’s Pick:

What Suzanne says: I really like the feel of this cover. While most covers contain lots of color, this is black and white. You’re looking in on an intimate moment between the couple. You can see their passion, yet also feel the danger. I’m curious as to the meaning of the symbol, too. It’s gorgeous, and definitely makes me want to read more about it. Good job!

Chandra’s Pick:

What Chandra says: Is she running away or toward?  I don’t know but I’m intrigued.  The sense of action and urgency is so strong in this cover, that I can’t help but be drawn to it.

Amanda’s Pick:

What Amanda says: I know chests are sellers but there is something so incredibly masculine about this cover that I feel like my fuzzy socks are silk slippers.

Now it’s your turn. Which one will you choose?

6 Responses to “Cover Clash 05/17/10”
  1. I love each and every one of these covers, but I had to vote for Sinful. Great Goodness, he looks like he could pick me up and carry me away…and I’m no feather weight. That in itself is intriguing, but when you add the artistry of the rose in the title and the swirling smoke I’m sold!

  2. Thanks for the win on Stormwalker. Very cool!!

  3. Patti Osback says:

    Just bought the book, can’t wait to get started. The cover looks yummy!

  4. I had to go with Pridemates on this one. I like the soft and classy feel to it.

  5. tamibates says:

    though i like the other 2
    and sonya clark was really good!!!!!
    and sinful, i like the male

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