Clash of the Covers 5.24.10

Congratulations to…                 

The winner of last week’s Clash of the Covers poll.

And now on to this week’s choices…

What Sandra Sookoo says:   Why I like this cover?  The soft blending of pastel colors.  It’s kinda like looking through a rainbow and catching a glimpse of a secret world behind it.  I find myself wondering if the woman in the photo will run away if she sees me spying on her private world.

File:KittyGoestoWashington cover.jpg

What Susan Blexrud says: I love the blog Carrie Vaughn shares with several other writers, Genreality, and her Kitty series is wildly popular.  All the covers are appealing.  Kitty’s a shapeshifter, and guess what she becomes?

What Barbara J. Hancock says:  This cover intrigued me.  I clicked, read the blurb and now I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to fit reading The Breeder  into my hectic week…cause I so have to read it right away.  Post Apocalyptic?  I’m there, baby!  Haunted, determined and maybe just a little bit arrogant.  I want to meet the hero who will be her match.

Take your pick in this week’s poll.  The winner will be announced on Monday.

5 Responses to “Clash of the Covers 5.24.10”
  1. Good stuff, ladies! We’ve given them a hard choice this week:)

  2. Suzanne Rock says:

    Goodness, what are you ladies doing to me! It was really hard to choose this week. They all look so good. I’ll have to think about it…

  3. Amanda Vyne says:

    Tremendous choices…but I’ve been eyeing The Breeder by Eden Bradley for some time. In fact, the entire series seems to have very intriguing covers. I intend to fit them in this summer.

  4. Thank you for nominating my covers! How cool that Pride Mates won this week! I’m jazzed. Your new contest is tough. Wow, some terrific ones. Will have to think about this…

  5. Fedora says:

    Congrats, Jennifer! And lovely covers this week!

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