Welcome Inez Kelley

Hello! Thank you allowing me stop by and talk about my Carina Press debut SALOME AT SUNRISE.
When I finally caved to pressure from readers and the voices in my head that would not shut up and actually sat down to write Salome’s story, I admit I was a bit clueless. The story is a stand-alone sequel to Myla by Moonlight so the world had been established but the circumstances were completely different. As different as, well, moonlight and sunrise.
Salome was not a fierce guardian warrior. She was a bird-shifter, a nature-bound spell of pure peace. Inwardly I groaned at that. I mean, birds make me think sweet song and a peace-loving heroine thrust me into thinking she was going to be boring, meek and Prozac-inspired. Joke was on me. Salome has a temper that goes nose to beak with smart-mouthed Bryton perfectly. He is a warrior with an attitude but Lil’ Ms. Magic Spell takes no lip from him. Except in kisses. Those she likes.
It very quickly became obvious that Salome wasn’t quite as innocent as I thought, which makes sense. Drawing her power from nature, she is in tune with wildlife. She even equates Bryton’s responses in animal behaviors.
Bitterness charged through her, lightning spiking in a streak of lavender. He infuriated her. He tempted her. He enthralled her. He’d hurt her.
Forbid her? Oh, no, he could forbid her nothing. She might not know the ways of men, be an innocent as he so dispassionately stated, but she knew nature. He could argue with his mount all he liked but he could not hide the evidence of his arousal. All males in nature grew thick and hard when the mating urge struck.
In wildlife, males preened for female attention, with bright plumes and spread tails, engorged necks and displays of prowess. The races, the arm wrestling, the dagger throw had all been pure masculine strutting. Males did not strut unless the prize, the female, was primed and ready, her subtle lure enflaming warm blood to heated need. Instinct fueled the animal, and man was not much more than an animal who walked upright.
She’d find another to experience that enthralling haze. And she knew just where to go to find such a man.
Quite frankly, that idea bites her in the tailfeathers. She has to learn the difference between instinctual behavior and real love, between man and beast, between nature and HUMAN nature. All this she must learn while trying to save Bryton from his own deathwish. She battles herself and her awakening humanity as well as his grief over his dead wife.
Then there was the little matter of the band of murderers out to destroy the entire Kingdom, the ones she knew would be his bloody end. What was one little peacemaker bird shifter to do? Well, what do you think happens when Mother Nature gets cheesed-off? Things get pretty darned exciting, that’s what.
Salome at Sunrise by Inez Kelley releases from Carina Press on June 21st. Mother Nature is coming… and she is PISSED!

Inez Kelley writes romance, in almost any form— be it laughter, tears, fear or joy. She loves to wring every drop from whatever emotion is at hand. An E911 dispatcher for over a decade, she heard untold human suffering as it happened, gathering insights to the working of the human mind at critical, life-altering moments. Her wish is to make you laugh, cry and ache, all in one story.

7 Responses to “Welcome Inez Kelley”
  1. Suzanne Rock says:

    Hi Inez – welcome to EtS! Your book sounds fabulous. I *love* the cover and book trailer!

    I didn’t know you were a E911 dispatcher. How fascinating. Did you ever get story ideas from calls you received? If so, which stories were inspired from your E911 experience?

  2. Welcome to EtS, Inez. The sun on the water in your book trailer is amazing! Love it:)

  3. Lilly Cain says:

    Hi Inez!

    I love that excerpt – it really shows Salome’s nature! I’ve already put this one on my TBR list! I love the concept and now I need to go back and find the first book as well!


  4. Jeannie Lin says:

    Loved the excerpt! It’s just one of the many little twists in the book. Salome is a virgin, but she’s definitely not a shy, blushing one.

    Good luck with the upcoming release!

  5. Inez Kelley says:

    Suzanne, yes, for more than 10 years I answered 911 lines and while I have not found story ideas in the calls, there is the subtle things you learn about human nature and how people react to the most life threatening situations.

    THe screamers may have a splinter where as the very calm, very clear man who asks for an ambulance might have just cut his foot off with the lawn-mower. I had both calls and they taught me something about how we respond in a crisis.

  6. Inez Kelley says:

    Barbara – thanks!

    Lilly – I hope you enjoy both Salome at Sunrise and Myla by Moonlight. My magic women are never meek even if they do wear dresses.

    Jeannie – *smooch*

  7. chandraryan says:

    Wow! Sounds fantastic. Can’t wait to read it 🙂

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