Fangtastic Friday Welcomes Raven Corinn Carluk

Embrace the Shadows welcomes Raven Corinn Carluk.  Let’s learn more about her and her new release, All Hallows Blood.

1.    You’ve said you love the heat of Las Vegas, your hometown.  Is there something about the heat that feeds your muse?

I think it does, in its own way.  I used to play in 110 degree heat, and I think it does, in its own way.  I used to play in 110 degree heat, and while I don’t have as much time for playing with toys now, I still look forward to the hot part of the summer.  I step out of air conditioning, and I can feel all the little photons on my skin warming me up.  And the smell of the baked air makes me feel at home.

So, the summer, and the desert, and the soaring temps aren’t exactly fuel for my muse.  Not in any direct manner.  But it makes me feel so absolutely at home and comforted, that I feel safe enough to concentrate on things other than making ends meet, or finding friends, or getting to work.  I’m at my most creative when tucked away in Vegas.

2.    Since your first story (at age five) was about dinosaurs, do you think—at some point—you’ll return to them?

Maybe.  I’m not entirely sure.  I wanted to be a paleontologist then, and dig them up, and find something cool, but outgrew that.  I still love dinosaurs, and follow several dino blogs.  I just don’t know what I’d do with them if I did.  Dragons will just have to do for now.

3.    Your pets are a parrot, a king snake, and a cat.  Whoa.  How do you keep peace in your house?

 Peace is a very relative term.  I personally find peace a little boring, and strive for harmony.  And that’s what I’ve achieved with my lovies.

The cat, Mackey, is constantly following me around.  He even thinks he’s a people, and does people things.  Reaches out to pet my face, sleeps with only his head on pillows, and has to eat everything I try (including peanut butter and jelly).  He needs cuddles and huggles, and isn’t happy unless he’s getting them.

The parrot Aleister is a charmer.  He doesn’t scream randomly, like some, but he talks at the top of his lungs sometimes.  He also loves sharing my food, though is much pickier.  He sings, and laughs, and calls for attention.  He just turned ten, and is starting his adolescence, so now he’s getting moody.  But still an absolute lover.

 Flash the kingsnake is fairly content to live in her tank, and eat as much as I’ll give her.  She has a skull aquarium decoration in there as a cave, and she poses on that every day.  When she’s not burrowing through her dirt like a sandworm.

And those are just my pets.  My fiancé has an Argus monitor, and my roommate has a ferret.  All five are mostly kept separate.  Though Mackey and the ferret sometimes play together, and he tries to take mice from the reptiles, and Aleister interrupts us on phone calls, it’s pretty harmonious.  And it’s fun and happy.  I can’t live without animals, and a full house is just what I need. 

 4.    Tell us about your book, All Hallows Blood, and the inspiration behind it.

 Ah, my book.  The only thing I’ll babble about more than my pets.  I don’t think I’m ever going to stop feeling this rush when I get to talk about it.  Head-to-toe tingles, and giddiness, and great beaming smiles.  And what I want is to share that kind of excitement with my readers.

Summing it up in one sentence: psionicist falls in love with an elder vampire, and they work to stop a war in Portland.

Naturally, there’s more to the book than that.  Keila is depressed and broken at the start, letting her powers degenerate, and hiding from the world around her.  She almost doesn’t want to come out of her shell.

Keila gets forced to start living again when she has to battle a vampire serial killer.  She meets Varick afterward, and he makes her help him with this brewing war.  He’s kind of cold, and demanding, but she can’t deny how hot he is.

So, they struggle with their passions, and trying to remain focused on their quest.  It’s difficult, and Varick finally reveals what a passionate being he is, and they, naturally, wind up in bed together.  Hot vampire sex, because that’s how I like it.

Being on her adventure is what she needs.  Keila breaks from her depression, and moves past the loss of her family, and moves back onto the path of her family.  She needs to help people, and is ready to do so again.  Varick is intrigued by her, and needs to find out more about this mysterious young woman

And they still have a bad guy to beat.

I was in a very rough place, emotionally, when I started this book in January 2008.  My fiancé was away, so I was battling depression.  I had a new job, after a couple years of lots of little jobs.  I needed something to focus on, to keep myself properly occupied.  (I’ve always been the head of my class, so training wasn’t enough.)

So, I got myself a notebook and some paper, and I wrote.  I’d started the rough idea of the story just a few months before, but it turned out really bad.  That’s before I was using an outline.  So I plotted out what I wanted to have happen, and I wrote.  And wrote, and wrote and wrote.  My co-workers asked what I was doing, and I explained it to them, and most of them looked at me a little funny.

But that didn’t matter.  Once I finished writing it, I started editing and reworking it.  I polished, and tried, and stated submitting.  I did some major revisions after I ended up with two rejections in one week, and I liked how it turned out.  Then I landed my contract, and here I am.

My life is much better now, and I’m satisfied and fulfilled.  But all of this came out of me needing something happy.

5.    Where would you like to be in five years?

 Travelling.  Definitely travelling.  I want to go to Australia, and Japan.  See the tigers at the Buddhist temple, and the Great Whites in South Africa.  See cathedrals in Europe, the Northern Lights, other deserts.  Just go all around the world.

 6.  How can readers contact you?

 My email is  There’s also my blog,  And my site Raven.YouAreAnnoying.Us has all the various places I am, and a whole bunch of my stories.

Being that I’m a storyteller, doing this for people, I absolutely want to hear from people.  Questions, comments, friendly banter, I want it all.  And thank you all for having me here!

5 Responses to “Fangtastic Friday Welcomes Raven Corinn Carluk”
  1. Another wonderful interview, Susan! Thank you for visiting EtS today, Raven. Your book looks so intriguing. I can identify with those funny looks you received when you starting writing:D

  2. Suzanne Rock says:

    Hi Raven – thanks for stopping by! It was a great interview. I vacationed in Las Vegas last year. Love that city. 🙂 Hope to go back someday… Your book sounds great!

  3. Susan Blexrud says:

    Thanks, Barbara. I try to spend some time getting to know each of the authors I interview, and then asking distinctive questions. I was intrigued by Raven’s menagerie and her book sounds great!

  4. chandraryan says:

    Fantastic interview! I’ve always wanted to see Australia as well…and Spain 🙂 Thank you for sharing a bit about your life and your book with us. All Hallows Blood sounds very interesting.

  5. Well thanks everyone. I’m real happy to see myself out and around, meeting new people.

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