Welcome Jenny Schwartz and her angels and djinn

I’m delighted to be posting here at Embrace the Shadows.

Paranormal is one of my favourite romance sub-genres. It’s hot, wildly imaginative and simply screaming with passionate intensity. As a writer it’s incredibly exciting to invest the everyday world with the risks and power of magic.

In The Price of Freedom I introduce the reader to a world of angels and djinn–think desert sheiks with demonic powers, bound to the service of humanity. The modern tensions of the Middle East meet the old romantic traditions of Arabia with explosive force. Duty will bring them together—and tear them apart!

As a guardian angel, Mischa must protect the one man who may be able to bring about lasting peace to the Middle East. As a djinni, Rafe must fulfill the wishes of a terrorist leader. Their duties colliding, Mischa and Rafe become foes, but the heat between them is undeniable. When the terrorist learns that a guardian angel stands between him and his greatest wish, he orders his djinni to remove her. Taking creative license, Rafe spirits her away to his private oasis, where she will be unable to protect the peacemaker. Beyond their mutual desire, they find common ground in honor and loneliness. Passion quickly grows into love. But it’s soon clear to Rafe that love cannot be bound, and Mischa must be true to her life’s purpose. Even if Rafe must sacrifice his own taste of freedom to grant hers…





7 Responses to “Welcome Jenny Schwartz and her angels and djinn”
  1. First things first…dibs! dibs! dibs! I call dibs on this beautiful cover ladies. It’s definitely Thorn-worthy.

    Congratulations on your release, Jenny. It sounds wonderful. I’ve always been fascinated by djinn.

  2. chandraryan says:

    Thank you so much for posting. The Price of Freedom sounds fantastic. Is it already out? I’m going to have to check it out.

  3. Suzanne Rock says:

    Thanks for stopping by Jenny! Ooh a middle eastern story with djinn. How interesting! Your books sounds fantastic and I *love* the cover! *scowls at Barbara* Sigh. She always gets dibs on the good ones… 🙂

  4. Susan Blexrud says:

    Jenny, what a fascinating take on angels. I love your setting in the Middle East, and the cover is fabulous! Looks like Suzanne and Barbara will beat me to choosing Prince of Freedom for our Cover Clash, but no matter. It’s already a winner!

  5. Amanda Vyne says:

    Jenny, this sounds amazing. I love exotic settings and exotic characters and you got both in spades. Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Thanks everyone for the supportive comments and for letting me post here– I’m honoured.

    Chandra, The Price of Freedom is definitely out!

    When I first saw the cover, my skin tingled–honestly. I was just stunned, no, awed. Cover artists are amazing.

  7. I love the bottle and the swirl of smoke and the tender, sensual moment. Happy sigh. What a winner!

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