Cover Clash – 06/28/10

Hello! And Welcome to another installment of the cover clash. Let’s get started, shall we? First, let’s announce last week’s winner…

And the winner of the thorn is…

The Alpha by Annie Nicholas!!

Congratulations Annie – you won the thorn!!

Now, let’s get to this week’s competition, shall we? πŸ™‚

Chandra’s Pick:

What Chandra says: It’s true, I love torsos and this cover has some mighty nice ones. But that’s not what made this cover my favorite. I actually picked it because of the lovely ranch landscape at the bottom. I find my attention captivated by that wonderful scenery each time I look at it. I’ve always imagined it’d be nice to live on a ranch-somewhere that’s calm and peaceful. Having said that I have to admit, the sexy torsos don’t hurt any. πŸ™‚

Amanda’s Pick:

What Amanda says: This one with it’s stark colors and masculine simplicity gives me the shivers. It makes me feel a strong sense of impending trouble….in a very, very good way.

Suzanne’s Pick:

What Suzanne says: I love the look and feel of this cover. The woman is so exotic and mystical. I love how dark it is, too. Great job!

Now it’s our turn. Which one will you choose?

7 Responses to “Cover Clash – 06/28/10”
  1. Wonderful covers this week! Had to go with that smoky sorceress though. I want to know what she’s thinking and what she’s seeing. Sold;>

  2. mel teshco says:

    That Sorceress cover is gorgeous!! So smoky and mystical, love it =)

  3. Donna says:

    Two great looking males + one beautiful female rapturously holding onto one of the males + Stetson +ranch= Winner

  4. Leah Braemel says:

    Thanks for including Texas Tangle’s cover in this week’s contest, Chandra. I think Angela Waters did a fantastic job with it and really captured the characters and the feel of the story with it.

  5. Armenia says:

    I love the look of Texas Tangle. Its beautiful, earthy and, yup, there’s a relationship there. Very nicely done.

  6. Love Texas Tangle! The colors are vibrant and you can see that the promise of a love story is waiting to be read!

  7. Congratulations, Leah! Texas Tangle has won our Clash. Carina definitely knows how to rock a cover;>

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