Put a little sizzle into your Fourth of July

Today, I thought I’d do a little promotion for my Fourth of July themed vampire romance called Rocket’s Red Glare.  In this book I combined my love of being a foodie with my love of writing about vampires 🙂  I hope you enjoy.

Blurb:  Their second chance at love could be deadly.

Jamison Rocket is a food critic who rarely gives a 5-star rating.  His palate for food is flawless.  Trouble is, he’s a vampire, and even though he enjoys his job, he’s been haunted by memories of the love he left behind ten years ago—the woman he can’t forget.

Meredith Kirby works as a sous chef in a brand new bistro.  She’s given the chance of a lifetime to prepare a meal for a renowned food critic and seizes the opportunity.  The meal is a success.  As the critic arrives in the kitchen to meet her, Meredith’s pride sours into confusion when the critic ends up being, Jamison Rocket—the man who ditched her at the altar and stole her heart.

Neither one has been able to forget the love they once shared.  Over the Fourth of July weekend, their romance is rekindled into an inferno they once thought impossible.  Though the need for acceptance burns bright within Jamison, it’s Meredith who’ll ultimately need to decide which ingredients she’ll need in order to whip up a happy ending and add fireworks to her own life.

Steamy Excerpt:

She risked a glance his way, where he leaned against the wall, surprised to see his stare. An unreadable light shone in his eyes as he watched. What would happen if she tried to figure him out? Was the danger he hinted at, real?

Did she want it to be?

The cream came just to a boil. Meredith shut off the burner then poured the steaming liquid over the chocolate chips that sat in a glass bowl like a small, bumpy brown mountain.

“Whatever you’re thinking about, it’s making you scowl.” She reached into a cabinet and withdrew a bottle of raspberry liquor. Measuring out two tablespoons, she added the flavoring then covered the mixture with a china plate. “Well?” When she met his gaze, the blueness of his eyes drew her in, dared her to come closer.

“I’m not scowling.”

“What do you call it, then?” As he pushed off from the wall, flutters tickled her stomach.

Jamison prowled the floor. His long strides carried him to her side as quickly as if he’d flown. “Analyzing my options.”

Not able to keep eye contact lest she burn to a crisp, Meredith removed the plate from her bowl. She grabbed a wooden spoon from a basket on the counter and stirred the melting mixture. Smiling, she peeked at the icing. Simple chocolate and raspberry had morphed into the culinary equivalent of sex and sin—a combination that she’d love to experiment with him. “What do you need to analyze?”


She had no time to react—no time to flee. Jamison stood directly behind her. Pressed close, he slid his hands around her waist, slipped them under her tank top to stroke the bare skin of her stomach, his fingers perilously close to her breasts. Prickles turned to deeper shockwaves that sizzled through her veins, zipping to her nerve endings until she gasped for air.

“Why?”  The heat from his large palms radiated upward, spread over her midsection in a teasing wave. “We’ve been down this road before. You’ve already seen the destination’s end.” His nearness triggered old hurts she’d thought were locked away, but as soon as they were released, they crumbled and dissolved under the weight of an avalanche of new, stronger emotions.

“Perhaps we’re not on that same road. Maybe we took a detour and the new route will lead us to a better place.”

Meredith thought she’d felt desire for him ten years ago. It was nothing compared to the blatant need that now ripped through her carefully built wall of protection. She dropped the spoon and turned in his arms, looked into his eyes and sighed. “At the end of the day, you’re still you and I’m still me. Nothing will change that.”

“True. Best to deal with it and move on.” Jamison smiled, the quirky grin that had won her heart so long ago. “What about these poor, naked cupcakes?” As he leaned into her in an apparent quest to get to one of the pastries, his arm brushed against her breasts. Her nipples pebbled from the contact and pleasure radiated through her upper body. “We’d better get these babies iced before the ganache hardens.”

What? For one insane moment, she envisioned her upper half drizzled with chocolate. Meredith’s mind reeled. “Oh, you mean the cake.” She gave a self-depreciating laugh. They were on the verge of a heated embrace and he wanted to talk about food? Sure he did. He was a man, after all. She refocused on the cupcake he waved in front of her. “Tell you what. Let me handle it and you can be my taste tester.” A gentle push at his chest made him back away a couple of steps.

“Sounds like a great plan. A beautiful woman who’s willing to feed me chocolate. Now that’s a life I can get behind.”

With a smile, Meredith took the treat from him, dipped the top into the shiny chocolate, and let the excess drip into the bowl. “I hope you like it. Semi-sweet chocolate and raspberries are one of my favorite things. Anything is bearable dipped in chocolate.” Still jittery from his touch and her thoughts, her hand shook as she held the cupcake out to him.

Instead of accepting the miniature cake, Jamison took a bite. A dollop of the frosting dribbled onto his chin. “Very nice. Just the right balance of chocolate and fruit. Well done.”

“Thank you.” Suddenly, that drop of ganache was the most fascinating thing in the world to Meredith. She threw the bitten cupcake in the direction of the counter, not caring if it made it or not. If he wanted to play around with her emotions, at least she’d get a mind-numbing kiss out of the deal. It’d be something she could cradle to her heart when he walked out of her life again—because she knew he would.

Everyone always did.

Book video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o-7gFIv-gPo

Buy Link:  http://www.eirelander-publishing.com/rocketsredglare.htm

Author’s website:  http://sandrasookoo.com

3 Responses to “Put a little sizzle into your Fourth of July”
  1. I love this! Especially the ending line. “Everyone always did” You create wonderful characters.

  2. sue brandes says:

    Love the excerpt. I am going to get this book!

  3. Thanks! I sure appreciate it. I had great fun writing it. 🙂

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