Summer Sizzler – Fangs to YOU!

This past Tuesday, I gave my presentation, “Writing About Vampires” at the Barnes & Noble location in South Asheville.  I had previously provided this talk at two libraries, and this time, the crowd was younger and better-versed in paranormal fiction and urban fantasy, probably because the presentation was in conjunction with Regal Cinemas’ premiere of “Eclipse.”  Duh.

I love to talk with readers about their favorite authors, and the talk at Barnes & Noble was particularly enjoyable for me because Nicole Peeler’s second book, Tracking the Tempest, just debuted July 1, providing me with the perfect opportunity to discuss the differences between paranormal romance and urban fantasy (as well as plug Nicole, who’s fabulous).  Here’s the link to a radio interview I recently did with her,  Her books are urban fantasy, as are Charlaine Harris’s Sookie Stackhouse books.  My reading has segued more into urban fantasy lately because I enjoy the unique worlds and the secondary characters as much as the primary romances that characterize paranormal romance.  But that’s not to say the lure of a good paranormal romance won’t strike my fancy.  I’m currently enjoying Hunger by one of my EtS sisters, Barbara Hancock, and it is firmly rooted in the romance category.  Nothing like some great conflict, and Barbara’s a master.

Anyhow, in celebration of all things summer (and a brief cool down in the mountains this week), I’d like to say fangs for the memories with a little giveaway.

Leave a comment on your preference…paranormal romance OR urban fantasy…and tell me why you prefer one genre over the other, OR why you like them both.  OR who your favorite authors are.  Whatever.  I’ll pick two commenters to receive a .pdf of the book that started it all for me, Love Fang.  Here’s the link to my very first newspaper review, which just published this week in Ashevile:  (Don’t forget to leave your e-mail address if you want the chance to win.  And if you’ve already read Love Fang, let me know and I’ll send you another book in the series.)

Again, thanks, er…fangs!

15 Responses to “Summer Sizzler – Fangs to YOU!”
  1. Brenna Lyons says:

    I like both, but my reasons are probably something you don’t want to hear. I admit at the outset that I am a fantasy snob, so I’m coming at this from primarily a fantasy background and not from romance, though I write both and read both.

    I hate that NY conglomerate romance press has screwed up a perfectly straight-forward, established genre. The fact is that a book can be BOTH romance and urban fantasy, as per the original definition of the latter. The idea that they are somehow different things is something that NY conglomerate romance publishers artificially created when they ripped off an existing fantasy genre to allow for another genre that was established in the 1970s…dark romance…or even for simply edgy romance or urban fantasy with romantic elements or a more chick lit handling to be included in their lines. IOW, rather than use the established terms, they decided to try and use another genre name that bore no resemblance to what they use it for. Unfortunately, you’re going to find some long time fantasy readers that refuse to buy urban fantasy from romance lines, for this reason.

    No matter which one you really mean, I like them. I read straight genre and romantic/romance/erotic romance and chick lit paranormals and dark romance. But I prefer to use the established fantasy genre definition of urban fantasy instead of the one that proclaims something is EITHER romance or urban fantasy.


    • Susan Blexrud says:

      Great observation, Brenna. As writers, I think we feel pressured to fit into a particular genre, when in fact, our stories may cross genres. What I write is essentially contemporary romance with vampires. I wish it had its own shelf.

  2. My favorite is urban fantasy with a paranormal romance arc. I don’t have to have a HEA at the end of the first book, but by the third or fourth I’d like some romantic resolution. I’d like the heroine to accomplish something, to triumph over her conflicts and find love. If that doesn’t happen after three or four or eight books, then I lose interest.

    I’ve had authors go from being an automatic buy to being an eventually -I’ll- get- to- that because of a series seeming to have no hope and no end in sight.

    Thank you for trying HUNGER, Susan:) I think it was kissed by my love of urban fantasy and my love of a good HEA.

  3. I definitely lean more towards urban fantasy. I like a romance sub-plot, but one between equals working together. I read a lot of blurbs where the heroine is human and the hero very much isn’t, and I worry that she’s never going to be his equal. On the other hand, I’d like to read more stories where neither main character is human or where the two human characters unite to work amongst the non-human secondary characters.

  4. I prefer paranormal romance because you can vary the scene. Urban romance is…well…urban. And that holds no particular fascination for me. But other settings do.

  5. Jill James says:

    I loved paranormal romance. Because romance is my first love. But, there are times that Urban Fantasy is cool too. Lori Handeland’s Apocolypse series is awesome. I don’t mind that it isn’t a romance per se, but has some romantic elements. As long as I know what I’m getting when I picked it up.

  6. Gabrielle J. says:

    I’ve always loved paranormal romances, but I just finished an urban fantasy novel with a little bit of romance in it and it was really good. I think I still prefer paranormal romance, but I’m willing to read an urban fantasy every now and again.

    I just usually read paranormal romances because I’m a sucker for happy ending.

  7. Thanks for thinking of me, Susan! I had so much fun doing the interview with you. I appreciate it!

  8. Amber Polo says:

    I reaching for urban fantasy more and more. I like the interesting worlds and the twists that come with out the cop out of magic.

  9. Love the comments and I have to say I like both because I’m an equal opportunist. I read books because of blurbs, name recognition or because of other recommends. Granted I stick mostly to sci-fi, fantasy, paranormal and romance genres but the amount of sub-genres and cross-genres writing keeps me occupied and happy.

    @Stevie Caroll

    “On the other hand, I’d like to read more stories where neither main character is human or where the two human characters unite to work amongst the non-human secondary characters.”

    I love this comment by you because you make a valid point. If one is human and the other isn’t how can they ever be equal? OTH, I like imbalance. It means that both individuals need to work toward a compromise that compliments both their strengths while working on their weaknesses/flaws.

  10. lorettaC says:

    I like paranormal novela more than urban.


  11. Susan Blexrud says:

    Thanks to everyone for GREAT comments! I’m always impressed by the intelligence of readers attracted to PNR and urban fantasy. I stirred the names up and randomly selected Stevie and Jill to received the .pdfs of Love Fang. Congratulations, you two, and thanks again to all commenters!

  12. Jill James says:

    So thrilled to have won. Can’t wait to read the story.

  13. Meble metalowe says:

    Producent poleca: sejfy, rega�y, meble metalowe, kasy pancerne.

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