Summarily Sizzled: My brain needs a break giveaway.

I’m celebrating today.

I managed to tack “The End” at the…well… end of the second book in my Arcane Alliance series, More Than Life, AND celebrate my country’s independence. I even managed to watch fireworks in two cities. I just tucked More Than Life safely in my editor’s inbox. Although a sale is never guaranteed I feel pretty dang good about it and want to share my enthusiasm. So, to celebrate, (and because the little hamsters that run the wheels in my head are exhausted) I’ve decided to give away a .pdf copy of the first book in the Arcane Alliance, More Than Blood, to a random poster.

Just leave your email and remember like fireworks, More Than Blood should only be handled if you are over the age of 18.

Okay, all that aside, let’s get to the goods:

Gabrial Ferrar is a House Marshal, an enforcer of the laws of his people.  But when his investigation into missing young girls lead him to a dark alley his path crosses with an incredible crossbreed whose blood promises him a lifetime of pleasure he’s willing to sacrifice everything to gain. Yet her past may be the key to stopping a deranged killer from taking the life of another little girl – but only if he can gain her trust before time runs out.

Kel Sheridan works for a private agency called Incog, a vigilante organization that deals with the dark underbelly of the Arcane.  While investigating a local blood ring she finds herself uncontrollably drawn to a stranger and in the time it takes to press her lips to his, he’s made her his blood mate.  Kel is furious, especially when she discovers he is a son of the House that turned her out on the streets as a child for not being of pure blood.  When another little girl disappears she finds herself needing the strength of the unwanted blood bond between them to face the truth of her past to catch their killer.

8 Responses to “Summarily Sizzled: My brain needs a break giveaway.”
  1. Bethany says:

    🙂 I need to read your books ….. I know SHAME on me.

  2. Bethany says:

    PS Congrats on finishing book #2!

  3. aunt bec says:

    hey is this where i get to get a free read?

  4. Brandi says:

    I’ve told a bunch of people to check out your book… maybe someone will find it here.

    Congrats to the person who wins!! It’s a GREAT book!!!

  5. Amanda Leigh says:

    Congrats on finishing book 2! Ack, I still need to read book 1! They both sounds wonderful. 🙂

  6. Someone is in for a treat!;> Congrats on typing The End, btw! I’ve been in editing limbo for so long I can’t wait to draft again.

  7. sue brandes says:

    Love the book trailer and the excerpt. You are a new author to me. Your book sounds really good.


  8. Suzanne Rock says:

    Congrats on hitting “the end” – someone is in for a real treat. This is a fantastic book! I can hardly wait for #2!!!

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