Fangtastic Friday Welcomes Lucy A. Snyder

Welcome, Lucy, to Embrace the Shadows.  I have to tell you that I’ve been a fan since I read Rebecca Baumann’s great review of Spellbent on her terrific blog, Dirty Sexy Books (  I agree with her 90 percent of the time, and I wasn’t disappointed with her endorsement this time.  As I look forward to Jessie Shimmer’s new adventure, which will debut this fall, let’s give our guests a preview of where we left Jessie in Spellbent and what we can expect from her and her menagerie.

1.  The setting for Spellbent (well, in addition to a certain hell) is Columbus, Ohio.  How true were you to the locale and what about Columbus works as a backdrop for the supernatural?

I think Spellbent accurately portrays the feel of the city and its suburbs, but I certainly took liberties with it.  For instance, if you went looking for Taft Park, you wouldn’t find it, and the Riffe Tower in the book is a little different from the real building.  Conversely, the apartment complex that Jessie and Cooper live in has only been fictionalized by a name change.

Real-world Columbus is in many respects an absolutely typical Middle American city – I’ve heard that companies do more product test marketing here than anywhere else. So, I don’t know how well the city lends itself to the supernatural, but it needs the strange and magical wherever it can get it.

2.  I loved Palimpsest, and though we never found out what incited his centuries of indenture, he certainly redeemed himself.  Tell us about his name and why you chose a ferret to be Jessie’s familiar.

Readers will find out how he ran afoul of the law in Shotgun Sorceress. A palimpsest is a piece of parchment that was written or drawn on, scraped mostly clean, and written on again; you can still see the traces of the original document under the new. I picked this for his name because his true identity has been largely erased and rewritten by his servitude, but those who are able to look closely – such as the Warlock – can still see him for what he is.

I chose a ferret as Pal’s physical vessel because ferrets are slightly less common than cats and dogs, and I couldn’t really see Jessie connecting with a toad.  Ferrets are inquisitive, energetic and fearless, and I thought those traits worked well with Pal’s personality.

3.  Jessie will do anything for her man.  What makes the bond between Jessie and Cooper so strong?

Cooper is the first (and only) man Jessie’s ever truly been in love with. She met him when she was still a teenager (in college, and of course over the age of consent, but a teen nonetheless) and so she’s grown up and experienced a lot during the five years of their relationship, and she can’t really see herself being with any other man (this gets complicated in Shotgun Sorceress).  And of course it’s not just an emotional attachment for her — she thinks Cooper is super-hot. 😉

When Cooper met Jessie, he was suffering the psychological and spiritual traumas of his blocked-out childhood, and he was very much in danger of losing his grip completely.  But when he met Jessie, despite his reluctance to become involved with someone so much younger than him, he found himself extremely attracted to her, and once they were together, he found a solace in her company that he’d never experienced with any other woman. She’s grounded him, and enabled him to actually enjoy life for a change, although when Spellbent opens he’s only just barely keeping himself together and quickly falls prey to the darkness that wants him very, very badly.

Cooper loves Jessie so much it scares him, so sometimes he pretends to himself that their relationship is just a casual, easygoing thing. And he’s kept her at a bit more of a distance than he should have. Jessie’s okay with casual, but in Spellbent she starts to realize that things aren’t as they should be.

Their relationship gets tested in Shotgun Sorceress; neither of them has completely acknowledged what the other means to them, and so both of them will be roundly whacked with clue-by-fours before the trilogy has ended 😉

5.  Though the love between Jessie and Cooper drives Jessie’s quest, your story is equally devoted to the world-building.  How did you go about creating the hell Jessie must enter to save her man?

The original version of the hell Jessie enters was based on the single worst nightmare I ever had — it scared the crap out of me, but also hinted at a larger plot. And so I wrote the book as a way to figure out how the characters got to the situation in the scenes I’d dreamed. But then my editor at Del Rey said the hell sequence was far too horrific for an urban fantasy audience, so I had to remove and replace the story kernel that had started me writing the book. So in a lot of ways Spellbent is my own pot of stone soup 😉

6.  What’s next for Jessie, Cooper, Mother Karen, the Warlock, and of course, Pal?

Jessie, Pal, Cooper, and the Warlock get trapped in an isolated Texas town that’s been taken over by a soul-harvester named Miko.  I think more than that might be a spoiler for some readers.

7.  And finally, how can readers contact you?
Readers can contact me through my website (, or through Twitter (, LiveJournal ( or Facebook (

Thanks so much for visiting Embrace the Shadows today, Lucy.

Thanks for having me!

8 Responses to “Fangtastic Friday Welcomes Lucy A. Snyder”
  1. That must have been some nightmare, Lucy! Well, creative forces work in mysterious ways and it looks like this particular nightmare had a really good result. Good luck with your books.

  2. Suzanne Rock says:

    Wow – what a fantastic sounding series! I love how you came up with the name for Pal.Thanks so much for stopping by, Lucy! it was a great interview.

  3. Your wonderful cover caught my attention when a Facebook friend shared it. It rocks in so many ways, but it was the ferret that sold it to me above all else. I can’t wait to read it.

  4. Beth C. says:

    I got Spellbent back when it first came out. Loved it. Can’t wait for the other two books.
    Great interview. Liked the info about Pal.

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